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    Esprit SE
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    Alunox manifold PNM brakes
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  1. Pretty sure the oil coolers have a 5/8" BSP connection. I've just replaced mine with the Alunox kit.
  2. No, I managed to pull back part of the glovebox interior to get my hand in (bit of a tight squeeze) and using a torch and a butchered screwdriver, managed to move it. Not too difficult and easier the second time once you have found out how to get to it.
  3. That problem of the vacuum valve vibrating up to eventually stop the cam operating it happened to me a couple of times. Thought I had a much bigger issue but performing a bit of contorted arm surgery through the glove box resulted in a repair. I might try a blob of glue on a stick if it does it again.
  4. Anyone found a compatible aerial for an 89 Esprit SE yet? Mine makes all the right noises but does not move.
  5. I have just made contact with Alunox about their kit for my 89 SE. My oil cooler is leaking and the rads are over 30 years old! Anyone else looking to see if we can get another group buy? (I have their exhaust manifold on my car which is a great bit of kit too) Scotty2 Sorry now Scottytwo
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