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  1. 1 ham and cheese & 1 sausage roll please with a coffee. Sorry for late reply only just seen all the messages. See everyone on sunday thanks oz
  2. Yep it is mapped from komo tec just didn't have time to get a dyno done because it wasn't a big problem for me at the time because was going on holiday.
  3. Hi tex Nope i dont buddy i didn't have enough time to let them take it for a dyno run because at the time i was going away on holiday i needed to pick the car up before i went away. That is something i would like to do some point this year.
  4. Hi there My 410 has the 475kit from hangar 111 with there trackday rear silencer full exhaust system heat coated from zircotec since year September and im loving it. When i spoke to komo tec before getting the kit they where very helpful on the phone. They have done many 475kits some cars with a lot of track miles on them with no problems. They where saying 475 is a reliable number any more power like the other gentleman was saying you will start to push it limits. To be honest i was going do i write up after getting my car back from hangar 111 with my 475kit but iv been so tied up with work i never got around to doing it. Hangar 111 grate service was happy from start to finish. Heres a few pics of my 410 Thanks oz
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