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  1. Thanks, Tony! That was a very reasonable approach to resolving my question. Because of this virus thing, the executor who currently is managing the estate has not been to Texas lately, and we have not had any communication recently. I will keep the forum posted if and when anything more develops. Sam
  2. I am surprised at the quality and quantity of advice given so fast. Thank you men. My main concern is the car just goes to waste, and is never finished. It is a really nice restoration candidate with a really high potential if properly done. I just do not want to be taken to the cleaners as the project develops. If I get the car, there will be pictures as time goes on, and that way you can share some of my enthusiasm for the effort. Thanks again! Sam
  3. I am new here, and joined expressly to ask for some help. I have owned two Lotus cars in the past, a 1964 Elan and a 1974 Europa TC. I recently came across a 1973 Europa TC Special that , except for the transmission, is COMPLETELY disassembled. The story is that the only owner had parked the car several years ago, intending to restore it after he retired, but he died, leaving everything torn apart. He had ordered a lot of nice restoration parts, plus he retained many of the takeoffs. The car has about 35,000 original honest miles, and was never wrecked or abused. My question is, how does one
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