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  1. Wow, thanks, very useful. I lived in hope that there would be 2-3 hidden screws to lift of the console top covers but it looks like lots more needs to come out. Think its bite the bullet time.
  2. I am about to try and improve the gear change on my 84 turbo. I'm reading with interest all the cross shaft cable posts but have a really simple question.... how do you get to whatever gate etc is under the gear lever? I think a part of the problem is there. My red leather interior is in very good condition and never been apart before. Tricks/ tips really appreciated
  3. Thanks, to paraphrase someone like Dorthy Parker........To drop 1 shim is careless, to drop two means you are buggered and have to re-measure everything. Even with magnets I managed t drop 2 first time around and have just remeasured. More careful next time
  4. A very useful thread. I think I have read that removing the cam housings can be done with the engine in situ? could anyone confirm that, and anything to watch for. I last removed when the engine was out.
  5. I've never thought if that but agree totally, but don't you then get fumes in the boot, such as it is? With the same idea after my rebuild I have only just put the tailgate back, I've probably done 100 miles without it and the engine cover so I could watch everything.
  6. I had to replace a split boot on the rack and lost lots of oil. I took the plate off the top and removed little poly button to refill. I got some oil in but it then it seemed stop going in and I'm not sure its full. Is there a knack to this and short of draining it again is there a way of checking its full?
  7. I have had the same issue on both, I think its a design fault.
  8. Being paranoid I started this year with the engine cover off. I was rewarded with signs of petrol leaking from the new! fuel hoses (not cheap but from eBay) and rapidly killed everything. I now have new new hoses from SJ.
  9. Delighted to say the car passed its MOT today😀. Pictures to come. Even more pleased that the engine sounds good and although I haven't tried hard seems to pull as well as ever. Lots still to do but all made so much easier by driving it. So much good stuff on the forum, which has been a huge help. In 2003 I'd never have dreamed I'd be checking my cam belt tension with my phone!
  10. Thanks. All taken on board and I'm finding lots of good stuff on the forum. Interesting point about the leather and the storage. Leather is fine, no mould. Storage was dry and really drafty - "well ventilated" which I hope helps. I popped the front pads out at some point so I think the front disks are ok. When I started the recommission I added a wine glass of diesel to each cylinder and turned over carefully by hand via a rear wheel. The engine/ valves are I think fine. When doing the cam belt I spun the auxiliary shaft/ oil pump with a drill and a soft wire brush on the pulley and the oil pressure came up. I think this got some oil on the bucket tappets as well. After getting the new cam belt on it sounds ok on the starter motor but I havent fired it up yet. I like the "keep a close eye on it" mantra. I have had the engine out before and I remember running it in without the tailgate so I could check for any leaks, fire extinguisher in hand. I think I'll do that again. Chris - what a coincidence and love the photo -story. I'm a bit light on digital pics. I bought mine at the end of April 1987 from a garage in Enfield and I recall looking at others so its possible we looked at the same cars. I also had a piston with a broken land prior to rebuild, later my wastegate stuck (Suspect they all do) and previously I owned a white 2.2 Eclat (which I wish I still had) so even more coincidences. Herewith a recent photo. Probably most notable for all the **** in the shed beside the car. The red ring main cable in the aerial hole I remember I put in when I bought the car and havent changed since..... it works well and has now become part of the car. You can just see the shiny new brake hose. The car looks great on the hoist without wheels, part F16 part Bond undersea Esprit. On a lighter note... the petrol in the Esprit is destined for my TR4A which has a suitably agricultural engine. I contemplated driving the TR under the esprit and using a funnel to put the fuel directly in the TR when I drained it. On reflection I'll use a 5 gallon drum but would have made a good picture
  11. Hello to all, this is my first post having just joined the forum. I should start by saying I am really pleased to found such a helpful and valuable source of information and I'm looking through all the topics. I've owned a 1984 Turbo esprit since 1987 and am now " recommissioning" the car after 17 years in storage. Prior to storage it was used regularly. My plan is to do whats needed, get it mot'ed and drive it. By whats needed I mean make it safe and not catch fire. I say that since a long time ago I lost my eyebrows and my Eclat to a fire☹️. New cambelt and tensioner, rebuilt calipers so far. Waterpump was new just before storage and doesnt leak. Carb rebuild kit bought from classic carbs on ebay, are they ok? I'd be really interested if anyone else has "recommissioned" a Turbo after this length of time and what needs a good looking at. It was all ok. Specifically can I have a good look at the fuel lines or should I replace all? Do the tanks and outlets rust /corrode? The water hoses and clips look ok, dont leak, but again they are 36 years old. All ideas appreciated. Thank you.
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