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    Good afternoon, Thank you very much for your replies. Thankfully I have kept my geo setup equipment from when I raced my mini's. So I have corner weighing scales and toe, camber and castor gauges. Next on my list is to check to geometry and condition of the suspension bushes and ball joints. I think this is where many of my handling problems are. Regards, Chris.
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    Good evening everyone, I thought I would start by introducing myself, as my user name suggests I’m Chris and an owner of an 1999 S1 Elise. It is my first lotus and I’ve only owned the car for a few weeks. I have moved from owning classic Mini’s for the last 7 years or so. I love the Lotus but it seems to lag behind the performance and handling of my old works Mini Cooper S. So there may be a few questions coming about setting the car up and extracting a little more enthusiasm from the engine. I’m currently reading through the parts and service manuals to learn more about the car. I have also started the fatal list of jobs to do...Let the tinkering begin. Regards, Chris.
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