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  1. Sorry to resurrect, I just had a bee in my bonnet that day. However, German cars, I just don't get it! I heard the other day someone say that back in the 80's cars weren't that reliable and that things are better now, but I'm not sure I agree. Aside from the ridiculous prices for options on German cars … and it does seem to be German cars that have such ridiculous and extensive options lists ... but if you look at; Mercedes - downturn in quality in the 90's and through the naughties ... weren't they 27th out of 29 i the New York Times reliability survey or something stupid? ... from lets say the SLR107 to the current crop of SL's. The newer versions are hideously unreliable and costly to maintain … and I'm not just talking about Hoovies near $20,000 to get his SL straight. BMW - Name me an M car since the E30 M3 and E34 M5 that hasn't had anything but catastrophic engine issues, let alone electrical issues? And please don't tell me the S55, because one could answer; Crank Hub … along with the other electrical issues. Porsche - As I've said, they were bad back in the day, but again, how many lawsuits have they had over various mechanical issues? But now you're greeted with overblown/overpriced warranties, indifferent dealers, indifferent Central office staff. You take your car in 'cause it's got grinding gears, only to have the keys passed back to you 6 weeks later with an excuse of; "The mechanic couldn't replicate the problem". Or when a widget blows, you find out that it's not covered by the expensive warranty you shelled out for … and the smug dealer says: "But we've managed to get you a new widget" ... like you got the car for free. The new one for me is 'Fault Codes'. I've seen many people take their cars in and have been told it's this or that, and they pay out hundreds if not thousands, only to find the original faults hasn't cleared. Saw that on my friends BMW X5 with over heating issues. She needed a new thermostat ... "Oh you need a new accelerator pedal sensor" ... (I kid you not) ... she needed a new thermostat ... "Oh, you need a new temperature gauge on your dash" ... she needed a new thermostat ... "You need to replace the tyre sensors" ... what, change the tyre sensor to fix an engine heating problem ... she needed a new thermostat. Fourth visit, she got a new thermostat ... problem solved! So no, I don't think manufacturers have address reliability issues because it's not in their interest to do so, in the face of huge profits. What I feel they've done is to make cars go faster, stick a bit more plastic bits on to look nice, for example, occasionally adding a strip down the side, give it a name of 'Special Edition' and tell the market there's only going to be 50 of them made ... then to charge an extra £20k for the pleasure … or to publishing Nürburgring times ... yeah, like the average person can drive like that But the press are also complicit as they accept incentives to write good things about them. Look at Autocar, Auto Express and the like, a vast majority of their content is based on German cars! Do I like modern cars? Hands up I think the 992 is a handsome car, and I also appreciate the new Alpines. I'm tempted by a Merc E43 AMG (the six, not the 8!.) But as for the likes of Alpina or Brabus, sticking a body kit and changing the leather isn't going to help with the underlying engineering problems! As for Porsche, I've just witnessed too much to ever really take them seriously, less so now they're owned by VW. Now back in the 80's I remember my dads turbo blew on his Saab 900 Turbo ... but that was at 160k miles. And my dad used to race Saab's, so he wasn't exactly light on the loud peddle! Would I trust a modern BMW Porsche or Merc turbo to last 160k miles? Maybe there are a few out there that have made it, but on a mass scale, no! And I'll end with this, and I'll try to limit my French … but after witnessing the [email protected] my brother went through with his Porsche, I'll leave with this. Porsche UK, they really don't give a F
  2. I wish people would simply admit their fanboyism ... it would make life so much easier. I've never understood the 'chubby' for Porsche as the reliable choice. Let's be honest, how many times have Porsche been taken to court over various issues, mainly engine related … against say ... Lexus? That doesn't sound like a company that kicks out reliable gear to me! As for squeaks and rattles, every Porsche I've sat in has made me glad to get back into my 16-year-old Toyota ... literally in the case of my Porsche. But there again, every Porsche (owner) I've known had their bank account drained with Porsche mechanical issues. Even back in the 80's, my friends dad who had a 911. He (friends dad) finally gave up and got a BMW. I've known plenty of people with 924's, 944's, & 968's ... less said the better! But the final straw broke when both my brother and cousin bought their Porsche's around the same time. My cousin was smart and got rid soon as the problems came, which was fairly early in the cars' life. However, my stupid brother kept on going and was greeted with much unreality, a blown engine @ around 60k, bits of the car falling off, and more hideous unreliability & almost constant £1,500 repair bills. To say the local dealer and Porsche UK were unhelpful, would be putting it mildly. And this is where the danger of true fanboyism kicks in. To this day, if you were to ask my brother about the car, he'd say; "It's fine, it's reliable"! It was many things, but reliable it wasn't! Finally, gleefully, he got rid ... but by the time he did, the car was worth less than his used undergarments. Hands up, the imbalance of Porsche to Lotus owners I've known is immeasurable, and mine's a GTR/skyline if you're asking ... but after witnessing, for the last 40 years, every Porsche/owner I've ever known, having gone through many mechanical issues and build quality problems, I have to confess that I'm not convinced, not because I don't like them, I think they're very handsome cars, but reliability and mechanically, I've never even felt a twitch from my wallet for one. So please, let's dispense with the total and utter myth about Porsche build quality, again, especially in the slew of various legal actions being taken against Porsche, and just admit that but for some misguided notion, only as Porsche, GTR, BMW, Merc, Jag, Ford, Rangey etc ... will do ... whilst totally ignoring the mass of imperial evidence to the contrary!
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