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  1. Hi HXT, I used Signature and the orange 20th on YouTube is mine. they are great, very happy. Regards Martin
  2. Hi Keo, welcome to the Orange Exige club. Hopefully see you out and about Stoke, I think there is also a Blue 20th knocking about too. Have fun and get it to a track! Martin
  3. Teaser photos on CAR
  4. Hi , Does anyone know if the existing AIM dash can be upgraded to the version on the Final Editions? It looks markedly different on the press photos for the FE. I guess its going to be a software upgrade? Anybody know?
  5. That's very interesting.... Did the give you a colour/country split? ( I guess not as you would have mentioned it!) Do you think they could let us know?
  6. Hi Roddy, looks great, but I would say that anyhow! What bits have you had sprayed? cheers Martin
  7. Hi Kev, Yes Oakmere fitted the harness and bar. Dont know about the Deroure ones. Yes very happy with the work Signature have done. They had all my cars now. Thanks Stephen, very happy with it (apart from its too loud for Donnington!)
  8. Morning, Had the car for a few weeks now, ready for the first service and Donnington track day next week. I had the car detailed and PPF'd with a local specialist. (they didnt ask for me to share) Thought I would share and it shows my car of quite nicely.
  9. Will try and take some more photos next weekend. Jim, I’m up in Stone Staffordshire, quite a way from you in Weybridge!
  10. So picked her up this afternoon. All is fine with the world, because I get to drive this car. Loving the acceleration and the sound. The steering is just beautiful. But must run her in 4500/5000rom max. Goes for detailing and ppf next week.
  11. Just had THE call from Oakmere. Picking up Wednesday PM 😀
  12. You'd think it wouldn't take over a week to come from Norwich, Jim, but there you go. And Belgium have 2! You can spec the colour of the calipers, Black, Red or Yellow. Agree Yellow would suit the Blue car better.
  13. No car yet, Jim,hopefully this week. Left the factory a week or so ago. getting excited now. great photos, thanks.
  14. Thanks Bibs, I don't think I'm going to get anything else from them, but I guess its worth a try.
  15. Does anyone know if this is included FOC with new purchases? I have a Exige 20th due in a couple of weeks.
  16. Good move Daniel. I have a build slot for mine now. week 35. 24-28th August. I should be able to delivery the week after, hopefully.
  17. Two completely different cars. I have a 911, if only in Carrera S form. Full luxury, space for the kids in the back, fantastic to drive, looks the part. Driven the Turbo a few times and its just blisteringly fast, but sanitised. You get used to the speed very quickly, and all wants to do is go fast and thats where the fun is. A complete licence shredder and not really a track car. Expensive (relatively) consumables, pads, etc. Havent driven the 430 (thanks god, would want one ), but have the 410, which is now on order. Involving, extreme, visceral, fantastic feedback. Super car looks, all the things everyone says on here. The 430 must be a step up again. Im lucky enough to be able to have both 911 and Exige. Dont envy your choice, but nice position to be.
  18. Hi Simon, thanks. Was a difficult pick for the colour but did get to see a couple of colour swatches the dealer had. Don’t know how many they are making? I guess if it was limited they would have done a numbered plaque.
  19. I’m getting ppf done, but a think its a dealer fit. that’s the only factory options I know. i am swapping out the leather sill for Alcantara. Nco
  20. HI @GoldenGun I’m getting the dealer to do mine, but it might be at the first service, as there’s a bit of a shortage at the moment. those are the only options from the factory, the rest are dealer fit. They are fitting the harness & bar. What colour are you debating?
  21. It has almost everything! added PPF, harness, soft top. what else would you guys suggest?
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