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    1979 Lotus Eclat, 1971 Marcos 3V GT, 1976 TVR 2500M
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  1. Does anyone make an interior kit (seat covers, carpet) for the Eclat? Thanks! Matt
  2. That helps, there is a yellow/white wire going to the coil.
  3. My '79 Eclat came with the original coil marked 06 78 and a "use with 1.3-1.5 ohm ballast" sticker. The likely original wire disintegrated when touched and as the coil shows significant corrosion and the plastic is cracked I need to replace it. The folks at Dave Bean supplied me with a new coil, which has an internal ballast. What do I need to do to fit this new coil? I assume there must be an external ballast somewhere that was required by the old coil. Electrics are not my strong suit, more of a mechanical guy, so any help would be appreciated.
  4. This is the cool sticker that is on the inside of the windshield on my Eclat. The car shows 28k miles, so it is pretty surprising it wasn't removed after the break-in period. The windshield is unfortunately cracked and will have to be replaced, I'll have to find a way to preserve the sticker.
  5. Here is my newly-acquired 1979 Lotus Eclat, 79/110391E. It starts, runs, and stops (sort of), but has been off the road for quite some time. Looking forward to getting it sorted so I can drive it daily, with the help of the forum.
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