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  1. I'm 5-9 but have a long torso and short legs (28 inch inseam, but torso length like someone over six feet). I get in and out with the seat fully back, then slide it forward. I started with the seat literally ALL the way forward while driving, but after getting narrower shoes and gaining some experience I now have the seat back three notches. That's as far as I can go and still fully depress the clutch. In that position the car might have been designed for me personally... all controls are within reach and comfortable, except for the window switches in the driver door which are far enough rearw
  2. On a recent midday drive I had TWO separate people lead with the question "What does that retail for?" Exact same wording, which seemed almost scripted. Maybe that's just a standard thing. The more entertaining of the two was a guy, one of four in a beat up pickup truck, that looked and dressed like a farmhand. Yet he asked me that question at a traffic light, replied with "That is a VERY clean car, dude!", and as they turned left he gave me the "hang loose" hand signal. Totally out of character with his appearance. But you could tell he really appreciated the Lotus! No surprise, everyone
  3. I'm in the States but after looking at the choices the official TLF exterior cover looked like the best option for our new 2020 Evora GT. It just arrived today and I immediately installed it on the vehicle. It fits very snugly - actually takes a minute or two to get it sorted - but that's what you want because loose fabric can scuff paint if the wind kicks up. We went with the blue color, which yields a nicely understated appearance. We also chose the "safety pack" option which puts reflective tape on the corners. One can't be too careful. The cover is large enough that once properly
  4. I would need Region 1 (which is also NTSC, not PAL). Region 2 is Europe et. al.
  5. I nearly bought this DVD as well, but it appears to only be available for Region 2 (Europe, etc.). Most USA DVD players won't play anything but their native region (Region 1). Stupid copyright nonsense costs them another sale!
  6. Excellent, I did not know this book existed. I just ordered a copy based on your recommendation, hopefully shipping to the USA will work out. Thank you for the pointer!
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