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  1. I just spent several hours figuring out my current camera and found that the previous installer didn't cut the "reverse" wire. I just did it and it works fine. So one less complaint 🙂
  2. Wow, never saw that before. My binnacle was alcantara and I took the cover to a shop to attempt to match the rest of the car. They didn't quite get it perfect but I would suggest bringing your old and new to a shop that could probably order you alcantara. So a few questions: - HVAC display update - is there any way to get a Beta release from AiM that would fix this? - Reverse of the Reverse camera image - are you telling me that they can't add this to the software. I nearly hit a car yesterday. My camera was already on the car and I just got the wire from Aim so I could use my camera with the rear binder pin outs on the rear of the dash. Works fine - except my camera reverse is reversed so I want to undo that. I don't know what brand I have - its been on the car probably 10 years. I used to have it wired to my head unit and there was an adjustment on that to reverse (or normal). This to me is simple software - it should be able to process and flip the image pretty easily. - Is anyone else having problems where sometimes you can't use the preferences even when stopped? I swear sometimes I have to turn off the car and turn it on again to have the buttons work. I'm guessing its the GPS thats mucked up (or ECU telling the unit that its moving even when its not). There really needs to be an override - "I do solemnly swear not to sue AiM if I adjust my display while driving" (much like the old nav systems you to have). I mean sheesh, we're all adults here 🙂
  3. Had my car in the shop for a month - just got it back the other day and had a few niggling things that I haven't asked about. My buttons seem to only *sometimes" work when the car is stationary. It always will work if I turn "on" the car without starting it but its annoying to have to shut the car down to pre-configure things. I sometimes have to hit a bunch of buttons for preferences to work. I thought it should always work when stationary. A few pet peeves: Relative to the old dash, mileage, trip odometer are too small. I can't just glance down. You could even add estimated MPG like the Evora has. Gas gauge - would be nice to see an outline box. There are more little lights now than before (it was obvious before we had 6 "big" blocks) but in looking at it I can't tell if its half full or what as I can't visually see the whole gauge. Brightness - a friend found out that there is a bug with this system that prevents adjusting the brightness for the HVAC cluster. More options for graphics - its all programmable folks - can't they do something cooler? I think for the track, the gauge is fine. But for the street, I guess I was hoping for 2 truly analog looking gauges. I don't like reading speed as a digital output. I would think some graphic designer could come up with a way to make the speed and tach analog style gauges look good and even different. The half round tach is cool but there is a lot of wasted screen estate. After all, the other gauge cluster fit two gauges in the place this one has only 1 (ok, ok, the screen probably isn't as wide - I didn't measure).
  4. Ok, I think its pilot error (er, me). I had my Smarty Cam plugged in the back instead of the GPS unit. Didn't realize I had done that and now realize I need a data hub!
  5. Ok, I can try that but I just realized - I don't think GPS works on my unit at all. In the manual it says to go to the track manager page and click on GPS to see the satellite info. But on my dash, GPS is not even a menu item!. It only has the first 3 items. Also, in race studio 3 I downloaded tracks but I don't see them even when I select manual. Not that the track is in my neighborhood - I just wanted the device confirmation that the track is in the system. But if GPS isn't working, then its not going to find the track (well, the device won't)!. I do have the latest firmware as per their website: Ver. 02.32.66
  6. On the UK AiM site, it doesn't provide the right manual but USA site apparently does. Its a bit more than this I found and totally non-obvious. As yuo say, you have to click the top right button to "select". Then prev/next will scroll through. Finally got it to work. === Next issue - as I just got things to work, I played with a bit. Tried to set speed to GPS as I thought thats more accurate, particularly for the track (where I'll be going this weekend so my first opportunity to actually exercise this thing!). But GPS speed just reads 0! When I set to ECU it works fine. Has anybody tried GPS for speed? Sent a note to AiM to see if they can help.
  7. how does one change the models available? I just got my dash and the only one that it shows is 2011-2020. I have a 2009 there seems to be no way to even choose. A firmware update didn't change anything.
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