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  1. Many thanks Andy I adjusted the fore/aft linkage and all good
  2. Many thanks guys - have done as suggested and can get all gears including reverse. However, still jumps out of reserve when under load. Do you think this is corssgate cable related or something else
  3. I have recently installed a new crossgate cable kit from SJ's - gears first to 5th are much easier to select - BUT reverse is still eluding me [can't get reverse get 4th]. What suggestions for setting it up for the first time with a new cable. Many thanks
  4. Hi Buddsy - where did you get the second hand steering lock unit - is it the same as on another British car - if so which one Also wondering how you removed the complete unit - was it in situ? If so the screws are on the top and look difficult to get to with the dash in position Many thanks Greg
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