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  1. Just been to see him actually. Good guy. Mentioned upgrades to me and said it was in the pipeline with you 😉
  2. Hi all, I've just had the belt replaced on my Exige and it's chirping. The installer said it will go away after a few miles as it's will automatically correct itself as it wears in. I've done 40 miles since fitting. Has anyone had something similar occur? Cheers Matt
  3. Ok I’ll check what was on it when replaced. Jonny at Performance Autocare over here is sorting it for me and I know he comes with a sound reputation in my area. thanks for the replies Matt
  4. Yeah figured as much. Booked in for next available slot. Can only assume it’s the original so not sure what they were fitted with from factory. Having full 4 year service done whilst it’s in.
  5. Hi all, My car has done 12,000 miles (2016) just passed 4 years. I am aware of the 4 year belt replacement and was on the list to replace the belts at the next service (4 year one) which I was planning to book in for a few months time. Had a recent service done in November 2019 some 1500 miles ago. I noticed this surface wear on the belt today, have you noticed similar wear on yours and if so should this be an urgent replacement to do like tomorrow in your view / experience? Cheers matt
  6. Another Signature Orange CR. 5 days in to ownership. Love the fricking thing 🧡
  7. Hi guys, Just taken delivery of my 2016 Exige. Glad I made the jump, they are such an event of a car! I’m gathering details and researching local and recommended specialists. I’m based in Sheffield so can see a few around the Yorkshire way but wondered if anyone can give experience of a good one in this area? Cheers all Matt
  8. thanks very much for the heads up guys. Great advice. I'll have a chat with Williams
  9. Hi guys. Link below Is it known on here? Cheers, Matt
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yes ok makes sense. I also thought that from 2015/16 onwards the gear linkage was exposed, but this is covered. Could that be spec'd to be covered? I've seen some posts to suggest some owners have removed the covering. Really I'm testing questioning that the car is the correct spec and model for the year!
  11. Evening all, New to the forum, first post and have been doing some research on the forums. I'm very close to hopefully getting figures confirmed on a used Exige 350. The car in question I notice has grooved front discs and drilled on the rears. All normal photos I've seen of the cars show drilled discs all round. The dealer tells me these are an option on the Race Pack. I can't see any reference to this option, is this "dealer creation talk" (fibbing!) and therefore the car has had replacement discs on the front or are you aware of these being a spec'd option? Cheers, Matt
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