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  1. Thanks Gordon and Martrack, appreciate the info. I made it into the local Lotus service dealer (no showrom) and it seems they have connections and can source cars. While I won't do anything until next year and are finding it hard to resist a 3yo GT-R, its good to know there is a passionate and enthsiast Lotus dealer on my doorstep. Forutunately I have plenty of time to flip flop on which to go for. Unlike most I suspect, I live 3 miles from a Lotus dealer but over 60 from a Nissan dealer or reputable independant. Decisions decisons 😉
  2. Thanks RedLancer (are you a TME owner 😉). Appreciate your experience and surprised how quiet owners find the Exige for something that looks so uncompromising. I need to experience it. Good to hear your comments on the driveway, I suspect that would be our Plan B too should the car scrape. Cheers
  3. Great link thanks Pete, amusing to see the different techniques. The winner at just over 4 sec makes it look easy but I am not sure I could ever beat that in a 'normal' car. I will have to study the videos so I can make it look effortless to the other half 🤣
  4. Fantastic Tom. I agree once you develop a technique you do it subconciously most of the time and think nothing of it. Your wife must be a good napper!
  5. mondie

    TLF GT430 Club

    What a stunning car John. I love the silver alloys, it seems very few cars were optioned with those.
  6. Hi Alastair, Thats reassuring, the raw nature is very appealing. I love visceral cars, I find our Honda Type R quite noisy on long runs but if a Cup 430 was similar it would be eminently liveable as a second car for everything it offers. The one blocker could be the mrs cracking it at the difficulty getting out! We will get to Oakmere in a few weeks and see a few cars and test the waters.
  7. This seems to be a good price on a GT430 at £77,990, is it a known car on TLF? The colour wouldn't be my first choice but the spec looks right, if I was in the market this looks like a good buy.
  8. I have spent the past week trawling threads on TLF and YouTube. The intial excitement of an Exige was tempered as I learned more about the car and how uncompormising it may become as a second fun car and weekend getaway car with the mrs. That lead to taking a second look at the Evora and then discovering the GT430. That is one of the most exciting looking cars I have seen for a very long time and must be stunning in real life. There is an excellent set of videos on YouTube by DrPittenstein with some interesting comparisons of his GT430 to the Cup 430 and a few other comparable cars. He makes a good case for the GT430 offering the best of both worlds against the Cup 430 which has got me thinking what I really want from my dream car. When the opportunity arise I need to see and experience both. Thanks to DrPittenstein if you are on the TLF, your videos are very informative and I admire your driving skills 😁 Cheers
  9. £78k seems like a great buy. I was really drawn to the 430 Cup but I now look at the GT430 and wonder if it may be a little more liveable as a second car. Both are fantastic looking cars, its hard to be sure whether the Cup is liveable long term until you have sent some time living with it.
  10. Is this about the going rate for a 430GT? I am not sold on the colour but love the look of the car.
  11. Hard to gauge with any accuracy, but yy driveway doesn't look any more inclined than yours. Its the entrance that concerns me most.
  12. Orange is probably the colour I would go for and it looks great on the seats too, a very retro vibe. Perhaps this model will run until the Exige comes to the end of its production life next year sometime.
  13. Only moved in March so that could be a hrd sell to the other half 🙂
  14. Congratulations on the order Mart, it must have been difficult deciding colour. Are there any real photos of the 20th model or just the photoshops on the Lotus site? Makes it hard to gauge the colours for me but then I was always a bit short on imagination. Has Lotus stated how many of these will be made, or for how long them might be available?
  15. Oakmere would be the closest so about 75 miles. I plan on dropping into Lotus North Wales and ask if they get involved in sales and can offer any advice.
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