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  1. So do we know how much 430s were built after all including the FE?
  2. They edited the description of the vid: That should not happen...
  3. Has somebody a comparison between a Cup 430 with and without sound insulation? I've driven both specs with a Sport 350 and couldn't make out a difference. The carpets on the other side are definitely noticeable though.
  4. Somebody bought those? Would be thankful for feedback If it's worth the price
  6. Seems like they changed the design of the steering wheel with the latest cars from factory
  7. Do we know if Lotus will release a final edition of the Exige after this one or a bigger Cup Version next year?
  8. I think all the stripes are painted on and not wrapped, so I would go with the factory version tbh. All cars with those factory stripes I have seen so far looked very accurate. I would say there are other parts on a Lotus ,beside those stripes, where the factory paint is more questionable 😅
  9. That's a brave choice but I like it 🤩 Not sure about the golden accents though, might have gone for yellow instead.
  10. Thank you guys. It's solid yellow (C206). Was a bit unsure whether to take liquid yellow instead but I think it was the right decision for me.
  11. Having owned a Exige Sport 350 for almost three years I decided to go all in for a Cup 430 now too. Still in the running-in period and no regrets so far 😃 Truly Amazing car!
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