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  1. The dealer who sold me my FE Elise is longer a Lotus dealer and was therefore unable to perform the free running-in service. Given this unique circumstance, both Lotus and Lotus Silverstone have been brilliant in stepping in and making sure that I can also benefit from a free 1st service. Lotus Silverstone performed the service this morning in record time!
  2. FYI, I finally got to the bottom of the black matt supply issue. The colour is still available, but the colour additive that gives the Lotus black matt the rubbery feel is no longer available (apparently since about 2020). However, the same look and feel is achieved by using a lacquer and more heat.
  3. FYI, the paint is no longer available from Sonneborne and Reick, but from Max Meyer, Nexa Autocolour or PPG brands. The PPG code to quote is Lotus B141 MATT BLACK
  4. I've reached out to Sonnebornne and Reick, but the paint is no longer available due to regulation changes
  5. I emailed Sonnebornne and Reick and they stopped making this paint due to regulation changes. They also couldn't find an alternative product. So quite disappointing..
  6. Baefi

    S3 LDH Headlights

    Hi, I'm looking for a pair of Elise S3 LHD headlights. Please let me know if you are selling them or know where I can find a pair of headlights. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I have a quick question, is it possible to change the S3 Elise headlights from LHD to RHD, or would I need to buy new LHD headlights? If the latter is the case, how much would this cost? Thanks!
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