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  1. Great roads and great pictures! I need to get back to Wales! Where did you store your roof when removed?
  2. That's a great idea and is very similar to the short shift modifications performed to Renault Sport Meganes! Please can you add me to the list, happy to cover any costs.
  3. I started out at 30f 32r (psi) but after my first session (drying) these were 35f 37r so I dropped them (while hot) to 31f 33r. They would then have cooled / dropped further but seemed to give good grip over the next few sessions. I also drove home on them like this, and current (cold) pressures are 27f 29.5r which feel ok but I will probably raise a little to 28f 30r.
  4. It was a damp start to the track evening but a dry line developed for 30-45 mins before another deluge hit so conditions were definitely changeable... I was impressed, the tyres didn't melt / marble up heavily as they heated up and managing pressures kept them in a decent zone for grip. They seem sharper to turn in than the PS4, I presume from a stiffer sidewall construction. I can't really comment how they would last if the conditions were dry and hot, but as I use my car mainly on the road in British weathers with the odd track day thrown I am very happy with them.
  5. As a possible alternative, I have recently had the new Bridgestone Potenza Sports fitted. They are a UHP tyre rivalling the Michelin PS4S and are available in stock 17" and 18" sizes. I ran them at a Bedford track evening last Thursday (wet) and was impressed with how progressive they are in greasy and drying conditions. Here is the review that led me to them:
  6. Sounds odd, from my understanding: - the additional camber should increase cornering grip while adding some tramlining on uneven roads... - toe out on the front should increase agility and turn in responses but also make the car feel slightly more nervous / reactive while toe in on the rear should add stability Maybe give it a spanner check to make sure everything is correctly tightened? If in doubt I would get it checked at another alignment place to confirm settings? You can normally get a free check (although I always wonder if that's because they will always find / recommend something to adjust!).
  7. I did wonder if the display cable was internally routable - I should have popped the lid off and had a look as you did! It was very fiddly routing through the cage! I agree with the screen/frame being bulky but that's the only downside in my view, having a modern unit with Waze / Google Maps etc to hand and easy access to music / podcasts etc via CarPlay has been a big plus. I haven't noticed any issues with brightness with the roof off on sunny days... Also having physical buttons to adjust volume and not knobs is a bonus, the original Alpine was a pain to try and control on anything but the smoothest roads!
  8. Hi Lee, I own a 2014 Exige V6 S that I bought from Hofmanns which had the TVS1900 supercharger fitted around 2 years ago by them. No problems to date! I'm in Harpenden, Herts if you are local? Happy to answer any questions on it... Ross
  9. Thanks @ChrisJ, I can't make tomorrow unfortunately but will keep an eye out for future meets!
  10. I am also in Harpenden and have a silver Exige V6S. @G10YEA think I spotted you parked up near the Turkish barbers a couple of weekends ago - was looking good!
  11. I attempted to install the unit by simply removing old, replacing the cage and sliding this in but it's not possible to get the new cage depth correct and fastenings secured that way. I ended up removing the airbag cover (4 single use clips snap so order replacements), dash lower and upper binnacles, and then the central stereo and vent section. Once you have the central dash section out of the car you can install the cage, run the screen connector (separate lead that runs through the cage) and install the screen with correct mounting depth etc. There is a large bundle of cables for auxiliary attachments on the back of the unit as well including rear camera input, aux in, front/rear/sub line outs etc which causes a headache concealing in the dash so I actually depinned a load of the terminals from the connector to reduce the cabling bundle down and simplify installation. I can always add them back in at a later date if I decided to install the rear camera etc.
  12. Yes I fitted one to my car last week. Pioneer have discontinued the 6.2" but I sourced one from Dynamic Sounds where they still had a couple of units in stock. I will post some pictures shortly... Very happy with it!
  13. I did this recently. The socket between the seats is on a 20A fuse and most powered subs are 10-15A so this is a viable power source. Unscrew and detach the top cup section, then I think there was another screw lower down to remove the lower panel to access socket and wiring. I then ran a cable down the centre console under the dash to my Kenwood sub installed in the passenger footwell.
  14. There was only 1 colour I wanted... interestingly the paint is the only option on the car, everything else is totally standard. I’m the second owner and it only has 15k on it. Wish I could use both of these more at the moment!
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