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  1. I did this recently. The socket between the seats is on a 20A fuse and most powered subs are 10-15A so this is a viable power source. Unscrew and detach the top cup section, then I think there was another screw lower down to remove the lower panel to access socket and wiring. I then ran a cable down the centre console under the dash to my Kenwood sub installed in the passenger footwell.
  2. There was only 1 colour I wanted... interestingly the paint is the only option on the car, everything else is totally standard. I’m the second owner and it only has 15k on it. Wish I could use both of these more at the moment!
  3. @MrD Thanks for that - appreciate the info and time frames! 👍 I'm a Renault owner as well (Megane 275 Cup-S) and servicing intervals on ASTs vs KWv3 clubsport / Bilstein makes me wonder why the German manufacturers seem to be a lot more durable at a similar price point...
  4. I have been considering Nitrons for my car (currently has the OEM race pack Bilsteins and Eibach springs) so am interested to hear what they require in terms of servicing and intervals. What sort of mileage / age are your Nitrons and do you feel they need regular attention? I presume a service involves new fluid and checking seals / valves etc and maybe measuring / balancing on a dynamometer...?
  5. You might be able to by rotating the wheel from lock to lock to access the fittings, but it's not going to be easy. Jacking up and wheel off should be a lot quicker.
  6. Thanks for all this! You inspired me to go with the Au-Lite bulbs from HIDs Direct as they are under £10 and straight swaps for the OEM bulbs. I fitted them over the weekend, here are a couple of pics showing bulb output and colour comparisons for info: OEM bulbs: AU-Lite bulb compare to OEM:
  7. Have you swapped out your indicator relay for an audible clicking one? That sorted my persistent... err... flashing issue...! I bought one of these, relay is under the dash and a quick job to sort:
  8. Sounds like great progress! Any idea what sort of inlet temps the TVS1900 generates without the chargecooler?
  9. Just to confuse us all further, mine is definitely the third option as I measured the silencer before fitting it (200mm x 125mm x 560mm) but it has welded carbon tips that are not adjustable...
  10. Sure, happy to meet up and let you have a listen when permitted. Just saw PJs comments on the tail pipe length, they are quite short and I agree they could extend further out as they are fairly tucked away under the diffuser... Quick photo as my garage is only a few metres from the sofa!
  11. I'm a little confused by road / track versions on this so to clarify, I have the non-valved lightweight (smaller) silencer: Jim then lists a Track/Road non-valved system with a larger silencer: I have the smaller, lightweight (louder) option that I find perfectly usable on longer journeys etc.
  12. I recently fitted the lightweight track 2bular silencer on my car replacing the OEM valved system (2014 Exige V6S with TVS1900 supercharger). It has a deeper / bassier sound than the OEM system but is not significantly louder on the motorway or when cruising. The main difference is at full throttle when it is louder and has a more defined tone, so louder when you want to hear it. You also get a much clearer crackle on deceleration / overrun which adds to the theatre. I have no problem doing longer trips with this exhaust and am planning on touring Scotland next June with it.
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