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  1. Thanks for the response Toeside. Much appreciated. I didn't believe this was normal. I think its a case of the computer has no fault so its declared fine. I need to find another dealer to look at while its still under warranty. Welcome more comment from owners to strengthen my case.
  2. I recently bought a Lotus Elise sport 220. I noticed pretty much straight away that the car stutters and hesitates when cold. I still detect something when its warm but its hardly noticeable. Sometimes its pretty bad and pulling out of junction swiftly has left me kangarooing across the junction leaving me in a dangerous situation a couple of time. Its still under Lotus warranty for a few more weeks. The dealer tell me that they run rich at cold and this is normal. I cannot believe Lotus would sell cars with this dangerous feature. Having never driven another Elise I can only accept what he's saying. I'm not sure if I am being fobbed off. The dealer is a 150 mile round trip so don't want to be going back and forth. Is this really normal. If it is then I don't think I will be a Lotus driver for that long. I will get rid before it kills me.
  3. Hi, I pick up my first Lotus next week. A 2017 Elise 220 sport. My thoughts on the test drive was that the exhaust was a little too quiet and that the gear change wasn't the best if you rushed it ( Im comparing to a modern German / Japenese jelly mould ). The car has 4800 miles. I did read before hand that the linkages were changed on the newer current ones, I assume to improve this. Is this normal? Can it be improved? I want to change the backbox to something that give its a bit more of a sporty sound. I assume I don't have to change the full system. I don't want crazy loud but ab etter tone than it currently has. If I get a back box does that mean I got to have it remapped and tuned or can I just change the box without upsetting anything? Is there one that suits this requirement better than another?
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