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  1. A wiring diagram should have come with the aerial as wiring can differ. But usually: Black to earth Red to ignition fused +ve Blue to blue wire on radio if it has one and switching the aerial is then automatic when the radio is on. If no blue wire on the radio then blue wire to switch, then switch to ignition +ve The red/black provides the power for up/down and the blue tells it which way to go.
  2. NG5

    Esprit footwear

    Never had an issue with the Lonsdale's wearing them all day long. Never tried the Pumas though.
  3. NG5

    Esprit footwear

    Lonsdale Camden trainers, only a few millimeters wider than your foot and cheap as chips. A brilliant driving shoe. They do a slip on version too.
  4. I can't say I know anything specific about the esprit Omega pistons that SJ are selling, but Omega specialise in race and high performance pistons. They generally have a very good reputation in race and rally circles. I used them in my engines when I was rallying up to a few years ago. I'd be very surprised if they were not at least as good as OE and I would expect them to be significantly better. But like any non standard part, you pays your money and takes your chance.
  5. m7 is is not a very common bolt size so not many places stock a large range of lengths. If studs will do then m7 cylinder head studs are common on many motorbikes and scooters in a wide range of lengths particularly 110mm to 140mm. These 115mm ones available on ebay at £7.46 with free postage, I'm sure loads of others are available.
  6. Brown and Gammons seem to have ones with the lucas number in stock but they do look slightly different to genuine Lucas ones
  7. And a picture and info of the original transparent type.
  8. I think this is what you are after., stalks/PM03.aspx?0912&ReturnUrl=/search/classic/hazard switch.aspx|Back to search
  9. Try contacting a radiator repair shop, most (at least in the UK) also do AC. They should be able to make you a custom one at a reasonable price. They normally only do the cores so you might have to supply suitable ends from a s/h condenser (ebay). It's only the height of the ends that matters as the cores can be made any width. You could be lucky and they have some suitable ends lying around or able to modify, if not they should be able to say which common cars have the size of end that you want. To be efficient condenser cores differ for different AC gasses, so I doubt an oil cooler would work well.
  10. Before you regrind what are the actual bearing clearances? The clearances in the manual on a newly reground crank are 0.0005 to 0.0022 in (0.013 to 0.056mm) that's 0.0017 between limits. Are you 100% sure it's out of spec. Different manufacturers use different bearing materials but it's difficult to believe that bearing halves from differing manufacturers would cause any real issues and some manufacturers do use different materials for the 2 halves because of the differing load (I think King do). Having said that the bearing cost is such a tiny part of an engine rebuild cost, if you have any doubts get a different set. (Every set I have ever had for any engine have come wrapped as one in box, and since about 1980 the bearings have been shrink wrapped in plastic as a single set, always with only one manufacturers name)
  11. This is getting quite old now but a very interesting read with surprising info on piston rings and gaps.
  12. The interior shots of V8 GT up for sale at the moment has good photos of a Pioneer flip up unit fitted.
  13. There are quite a lot on the market now, as most with a decent screen will also have Apple Car Play/Android Auto if you google Single Din Android Auto loads come up. But all with a decent screen will obscure some knobs or switches on the dash. The flip up ones at least you can flip away to access the switches and will almost certainly fit a v8 (but not the earlier cars as they foul the binnacle). The others come permanently covering the area above the radio slot, or below the slot or an adjustable fit can can go anywhere between but I think even with the adjustable ones finding a position that allows access to the switches and A/C knobs will be difficult. As for aesthetics..... I've ended up fitting one of these: The screen for reverse is small but just about ok when you really need it. Although you can connect your phone with Bluetooth and do music, phone calls etc it hasn't car play or android auto. Everything else is excellent and the dab radio even though using an adapter onto the std telescopic aerial picks up more stations than my daily driver that has dab as standard. I didn't think the price was bad either. Fitting a reverse camera to it (under £10 from ebay) was easy. The hardest part was routing the cable from outside the car into the inside which needed a hole drilling.
  14. Still plenty places selling the stock off and at lower prices because it's no longer current. Just bought 3l from here no problem, took a few days for delivery.
  15. BTW it's easy to test for ethanol, if you have a long thin clear container that you can seal, something like a test tube is ideal. Pour in a cm or so of water, mark the level on the tube. Add about 10 times the amount of fuel. Seal the tube and shake well. Leave a few hours to settle so the fuel and water separate out. If you still have the same quantity of water it's ethanol free, if you have less water than you started with, it contains ethanol. If you can't wait that long then various instant testing kits are available at a price, such as
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