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  1. Assuming he already has his own insurance on his own car then it depends how brave and trusting you are. With most companies he can add driving other cars benefit to his own insurance (if he doesn't already have it on the policy). This legally entitles him to drive any car with the owners permission. The down side is that only gives traffic act cover, so while damage to others is covered, your pride and joy isn't. So any damage to your car is down to him (or you!). The upside is that it's his insurance, so any incident does not affect your own insurance. Are you feeling lucky? 😁
  2. Sounds terrible 😱 Does this only apply to Denmark registered cars or if there are on street checks does it apply to visitors also?
  3. Seems to be having another try to sell the Sport 300, Silverstone auctions this time. It will be interesting to see how high it goes this time. No photos of the underside this time ......
  4. I have to agree with Steve, it's certainly capable of being restored. But even with the current price of S1's it's unlikely to be economic unless someone can do almost all the body restoration work themselves. That is many, many, many hours of bodywork. Would be nice though, for it go to a good home and see it saved.
  5. Don't know if it's exactly the same but these look very similar
  6. The small print on the face should say RVI or RVC. Failing that the RVI has the white ign wire wrapped round the coil as can be seen clearly on the vid. The RVC doesn't. Not best qualified to advise if you need to convert to RVC but essentialy my understanding is RVC works with just about everything but RVI was essentially for points and may or may not work with other inputs. Hope that helps.
  7. Just seen this on the autobulbs direct website for what it's worth. Brexit 2021 Update Please note that since January 2021, the MOT Inspection manual has been updated to include LED bulbs. Section 4.1.4 now states the following: “Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with high intensity discharge (HID) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp.” This is a brand new update that seems to only focus on headlights. There are no mentions to fail other LED bulbs such as brake lights, tail lights or reversing lights.
  8. Excellent video here on dismantling. It's one of a series on converting a smiths inpulse rvi tacho to a more modern rvc using spiyda's own board. Removing the needle about 1min in. I've done this on my europa tacho to get rid of the constantly waving needle that you get on old rvi tacho's and it worked well.
  9. Andy, That's really interesting. I've never seen a solid TC seat but as it's only visible with the seat out, in reality I probably haven't seen that many. After over 40 years messing with Europas still learning things. Wonder if they went solid on later cars? I must admit I always thought the webbing a waste of time as it starts to sag quite quickley.
  10. BTW the easy way to tell S2 and TC seats is the base. From above the S2 has a short base cushion and a long thigh cushion. The TC has a long base cushion and a short thigh cushion. From below the S2 has a solid steel base, the TC has an open base with webbing.
  11. A set of twin cam seats have come up on ebay. Won't comment on the colour or price! Despite the description they are twin cam seats not S2
  12. Duncan, Yes, at least in the area of the chassis frame at the timing cover end, it widens out both above and below. The frame was of course designed round the Renault engine. I've fitted a later X-flow version in mine that had extra lugs on the block for ancillaries which I had to cut off to get clearance!
  13. I don't know who Jon Himself on youtube is, although he is obviously also on here, but he has uploaded a great video on esprit chassis stress analysis. 👍 Given the resources hard to fault.
  14. I changed mine only a couple of months ago and struggled to work out how to access it but once I'd worked out exactly where it was, I found I could JUST reach it from above by reaching under the plenum. Starting the thread on the new one was with finger tips at full stretch but once started easy to tighten with a socket on an extension. If your arms are shorter than mine then I'm sure removing the plenum cover would give far easier access. Others may have easier ways but that wasn't difficult.
  15. Neanto, The manual you quote is of course 100% correct and adding top hat stiffners as shown inside or outside will help. But to work properly they need to be ridgedly fixed to the main box with NO relative movement, so need to be fully welded to the main box. Secondly the main benefit comes from the depth of the stiffner from the main box which in the Esprit is limited by the space between the chassis and body. That is one reason why if you attach the body at more points to the body, particularly near the centre tunnel overall stiffness is increased, the tunnel walls are starting to act as stiffners for the chassis and vice versa. It's the overall stiffness of the composite chassis/body that counts, not just the chassis. You could argue that the Esprit chassis is far stiffer in torson than any modern porsche because the porsche doesn't have a chassis it's a unitary body so it's separate chassis torsional strength is zero! Silly argument true but it highlights you need to compare the whole car stiffness not just part of it. Btw the closed doors and windscreen also add significantly to the overall torsional stiffness. The other factor of course is that the heaver the car the higher the loads, the stiffer the car needs to be for the same amount of twist. As i said before you have more to gain and it's easier to increase the stiffness of the body than the chassis.
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