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  1. Not for an Esprit but I looked into oil stats years ago when rallying. On a cold winter event I could be a few miles into a stage before the oil was fully up to temp. But I came across a few horror stories of people that had suffered cracked blocks because of the slug of very cold oil hitting the very hot engine and causing thermal shock. I think this was very rare but worrying. I saw recommendations to only use stats that don't fully shut off the oil to the cooler allowing a small flow to slowly warm up the oil in the cooler to prevent the shock but never found anyone selling them. In th
  2. Although not actually an esprit, it's Lotus and sort of based on the esprit. Not seen any ref to this elsewhere on the forum about it so thought I'd post a link about it.
  3. Many of them are on LEW
  4. Not strictly Esprit but an interesting side of Peter Stevens that I didn't know about before.
  5. NG5


    If you want a decent job most people strip the paint back to the fiberglass before repainting, but it's a big job. The factory finish was an epoxy primer and cellulose top coats, which is usually not too bad to strip. If it's been repainted it could be anything. 2 pack is a *** to strip. Sinkage over previous repairs is an issue on fibreglass. I can't help more than that. Good luck.
  6. Is it worth penny pinching? Probably OK but short of having them tested you will never know. And testing is probably as much as a new set of bolts. How much are the bolts, and how much is the cost if they let go.....
  7. Don't know if they are but they look remarkably similar to mini ones. Would be nice to know if they are. They might be easier to find. One thing is for sure they will be from another car.
  8. I've imported a few things over the years from the US. Over and above the selling price and postage are: Import duty, which varies with the type of part but is usually about 4% for most car parts so not a big issue. Handling fees from the courier (to handle the HMRC paperwork and collect your money!) which varies by courier but usually between £15 and £25. If you know the courier the fees are listed on their web sites. VAT at 20% on the lot. ie Price, postage, duty and fees. So unless it's cheap or you must have it no matter the price it adds up to quite a bit. If
  9. For those whose cars are not yet MOT exempt. Weighing the car is now part of the MOT brake test, corner weights not just total. Just ask when having the MOT done and most places will give you a print out. And if you are MOT exempt it does mean that any MOT station now has the equipment to do the weighing and I'm sure they would do it for you if you ask nicely, it only takes a few seconds.
  10. NG5

    William Penn

    Sadly Bill, you are certainly not going to find a factory wiring diagram for a 1973 model year S2 for a couple of reasons. First the last S2's were manufactured in 1971 ! December for the US type 65 and August for the ROW Type 54. Any documentation for 1973 model year cars will be for Type 74 Europa Specials as those were the only Europas manufactured that year. It is of course possible that a 1971 S2 may not have been registered until 73. Secondly there was never a factory fit aircon. In the US a (very) few cars were dealer fitted with aftermarket aircon, possibly with factory approval.
  11. Try contacting Lotus Supplies with a full list of the parts you need. email : [email protected] They only list a few new parts for the linkage but they do have access to a lot of secondhand spares that they don't currently list on their website. If you contact them they may be able to do a whole linkage using a mix of new and secondhand parts. If you don't have a parts list there is one on line here: Good luck
  12. On the Banjo's check they have not missed out either of the seals. There is a fibre seal on both sides of each banjo. One between the banjo bolt and the banjo and one between the banjo and the carb top cover. If either are missing and there is just metal to metal it will leak.
  13. Totally agree with John, if you have paid to have this restored I'd be taking it straight back and if they can't get something as basic as this right I would be wondering about the quality of their other mechanical work. The other simple things to check though are if all the fuel hose clamps are tight and the fuel banjo's where they attach to the carbs, even sight looseness can lead to big leaks due to fuel pressure from the pump. Be careful with the banjo's though as overtightening can damage the carbs. If you do take the tops off the float chambers check the float level as per the
  14. I don't know, but suspect it's this at 3:18 into the video.
  15. BTW are you sure it's the fob that's died? The battery can be changed without needing to reprogram so long as it's not left too long. But the power to the alarm might have gone. That's what happened with mine which is why I have a wiring diagram! Have you tried the fob with a door open? Bizarrely if the main power feed has gone the power from the door light switch can actually feed the alarm, or at least it did with mine. Took me ages to work out why the alarm worked with the door open but not with it shut!
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