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  1. Assuming he already has his own insurance on his own car then it depends how brave and trusting you are. With most companies he can add driving other cars benefit to his own insurance (if he doesn't already have it on the policy). This legally entitles him to drive any car with the owners permission. The down side is that only gives traffic act cover, so while damage to others is covered, your pride and joy isn't. So any damage to your car is down to him (or you!). The upside is that it's his insurance, so any incident does not affect your own insurance. Are you feeling lucky? 😁
  2. Sounds terrible 😱 Does this only apply to Denmark registered cars or if there are on street checks does it apply to visitors also?
  3. Seems to be having another try to sell the Sport 300, Silverstone auctions this time. It will be interesting to see how high it goes this time. No photos of the underside this time ......
  4. I have to agree with Steve, it's certainly capable of being restored. But even with the current price of S1's it's unlikely to be economic unless someone can do almost all the body restoration work themselves. That is many, many, many hours of bodywork. Would be nice though, for it go to a good home and see it saved.
  5. Don't know if it's exactly the same but these look very similar
  6. The small print on the face should say RVI or RVC. Failing that the RVI has the white ign wire wrapped round the coil as can be seen clearly on the vid. The RVC doesn't. Not best qualified to advise if you need to convert to RVC but essentialy my understanding is RVC works with just about everything but RVI was essentially for points and may or may not work with other inputs. Hope that helps.
  7. Just seen this on the autobulbs direct website for what it's worth. Brexit 2021 Update Please note that since January 2021, the MOT Inspection manual has been updated to include LED bulbs. Section 4.1.4 now states the following: “Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with high intensity discharge (HID) or light emitting diode (LED) bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must fail the headlamp.” This is a brand new update that seems to only focus on headlights. There are no mentions to fail other LED bulbs such as brake lights, tail lights or reversing lights.
  8. Excellent video here on dismantling. It's one of a series on converting a smiths inpulse rvi tacho to a more modern rvc using spiyda's own board. Removing the needle about 1min in. I've done this on my europa tacho to get rid of the constantly waving needle that you get on old rvi tacho's and it worked well.
  9. Andy, That's really interesting. I've never seen a solid TC seat but as it's only visible with the seat out, in reality I probably haven't seen that many. After over 40 years messing with Europas still learning things. Wonder if they went solid on later cars? I must admit I always thought the webbing a waste of time as it starts to sag quite quickley.
  10. BTW the easy way to tell S2 and TC seats is the base. From above the S2 has a short base cushion and a long thigh cushion. The TC has a long base cushion and a short thigh cushion. From below the S2 has a solid steel base, the TC has an open base with webbing.
  11. A set of twin cam seats have come up on ebay. Won't comment on the colour or price! Despite the description they are twin cam seats not S2
  12. Duncan, Yes, at least in the area of the chassis frame at the timing cover end, it widens out both above and below. The frame was of course designed round the Renault engine. I've fitted a later X-flow version in mine that had extra lugs on the block for ancillaries which I had to cut off to get clearance!
  13. I don't know who Jon Himself on youtube is, although he is obviously also on here, but he has uploaded a great video on esprit chassis stress analysis. 👍 Given the resources hard to fault.
  14. I changed mine only a couple of months ago and struggled to work out how to access it but once I'd worked out exactly where it was, I found I could JUST reach it from above by reaching under the plenum. Starting the thread on the new one was with finger tips at full stretch but once started easy to tighten with a socket on an extension. If your arms are shorter than mine then I'm sure removing the plenum cover would give far easier access. Others may have easier ways but that wasn't difficult.
  15. Neanto, The manual you quote is of course 100% correct and adding top hat stiffners as shown inside or outside will help. But to work properly they need to be ridgedly fixed to the main box with NO relative movement, so need to be fully welded to the main box. Secondly the main benefit comes from the depth of the stiffner from the main box which in the Esprit is limited by the space between the chassis and body. That is one reason why if you attach the body at more points to the body, particularly near the centre tunnel overall stiffness is increased, the tunnel walls are starting to act as stiffners for the chassis and vice versa. It's the overall stiffness of the composite chassis/body that counts, not just the chassis. You could argue that the Esprit chassis is far stiffer in torson than any modern porsche because the porsche doesn't have a chassis it's a unitary body so it's separate chassis torsional strength is zero! Silly argument true but it highlights you need to compare the whole car stiffness not just part of it. Btw the closed doors and windscreen also add significantly to the overall torsional stiffness. The other factor of course is that the heaver the car the higher the loads, the stiffer the car needs to be for the same amount of twist. As i said before you have more to gain and it's easier to increase the stiffness of the body than the chassis.
  16. William, Highly unlikely in an S2 without major mods. The Zetec fits OK in a twincam, because it has a wider chassis Y for the extra size of the ford block, and the bell housing of the twincam is unique to Lotus with a ford block bolt pattern to renault box. The Zetec in an S2 fouls the chassis and the bellhousing is standard renault so the bolt pattern is wrong. It's always possible to butcher the S2 chassis to get almost any 4 cylinder engine to fit, but restoring the chassis strength is a challenge. Similarly custom bell housings can be made. People have fitted twincam chassis to S2's to fit twincam or other ford engines but you also need some of the rear suspension from the twin cam such as the box radius arms due to the differing dimensions of the chassis. Not a cheap solution. If the engine weight is significantly different it also affects the cars handling requiring differing suspension settings. The S2 engine is very light. Why the ecoboost? The only 'simple' engine swap into the S2 europa is from the Renault 1.6 family of engines fitted to most Renaults from the 1966 R16 up to the Fuego of 1986 including the turbo. That's because the block is effectively common to all variations of engine and engine weights are all similar.
  17. Neanto, Sorry, I'm an ex structural engineer and don't think you are going to like what I'm going to say. Looking closely, all you seem to have done is add weight without increasing the torsional stiffness at all. To increase the torsional stiffness you need to make the central spine harder to twist. Your straps to next to nothing in that regard. If you remove them, attach one end rigidly to a bench and then try to twist the other end, that will be how much extra torsional stiffness you are adding, essentially nothing. I'd bet you could twist it by hand 100mm without difficulty. The main torsional rigidity for any lotus with a backbone chassis comes from the body, they have been designed that way from the Elan. You would gain far more by finding extra ways to attach the body to the chassis and/or increasing the bodies torsional stiffness (which is what a roll cage does). As an example the difference in stiffness between the S1 Europa which had the body bonded to the chassis and the S2 Europa where it was bolted on, is huge, with the S1 far stiffer (it did make repairs of the S1 VERY difficult!) I spent a long time quite a few years ago trying to work out an effective way of increasing the stiffness of the backbone in my Europa, which is very similar to the Esprits. I failed and couldn't find a way that worked, even making a new chassis with thicker metal made almost no difference. The closest I got in theory was to use diagonal bracing wires from opposite corners (front bottom left to back top right etc) within the box, but even using "superstrand" stressing wires to resist stretch, the tension required in the wires to have any meaningful effect would have crushed the backbone. Despite looking like a chassis, in reality it's a front and rear subframe with the backbone conveniently locating them in place. The backbone mainly acts in bending it's torsional strength is a useful bonus for the bodies torsional strength but secondary.
  18. No one? Has nobody tried fitting a 0.7" master cylinder to an SE?
  19. I agree with Justin, auction prices are almost always far lower than the 'market rate' and always have been. The reasons are fairly obvious, if it is a very rare or exceptional car that people have been waiting years to get their hands on, then a bidding war will start and top prices will result. But for more normal cars, the usual bidders will be car dealers looking for cheap stock, sometimes there may be a private bidder who actually wants the car, but they only have to outbid the dealers, result low prices. Add in fees and result very low price for the seller. Esprits in particular are slow moving stock. Look at the dealers, most Esprits take many months to sell (there is of course the odd exception), some currently up for sale have been around for over a year. At an auction to get a decent price you need at least two people genuinely interested in buying that particular car, at that particular time. A rare combination.
  20. NG5

    Bushings or
  21. If Banks don't have any then they occasionally come up on ebay, other than that you will be struggling. A few months ago there was a very, very tatty S2 set that didn't sell so it may be worth looking at ebay completed listings to see if you can find any that didn't sell and contact the seller. Beware, S2 seats and TC seats are quite different. S2 seats are a lot more reclined and a bit lower than the TC. The seat back angle matches the bulkhead angle which is far more vertical on the TC, so although it is possible to fit the TC seat in an S2 your head and body are nearer the windscreen than with the correct seats if the seat is fully back, which is how most people have them. The other way round with S2 seats in a TC creates less of a problem moving your bum forward to the S2 position and loosing the extra legroom that the TC offered. The mounting centers for the seat rails also differ, not a big deal for an S2 where it just means drilling new holes in the floor, but the TC used reinforcing bobbins in the floor which will be in the wrong place. Any after market competition seats are way too upright, making headroom and driving position a real issue unless you are small. Until you find the correct seats have you thought of just fitting foam cushions to the floor and bulkhead? This gives a very similar driving position to the seats! On the S2 with the seat cushion compressed by body weight you are only about 10mm off the floor anyway, in the TC it's a bit higher though. Good luck.
  22. I have a 1990 SE that has been suffering red hose syndrome so I've just got all the bits to change to braided hose. But when cold I've always thought there was possibly a bit of drag on the clutch, even with it properly adjusted and pedal as depressed as possible. But this thread has made me think. The S4 cars according to the parts lists have EXACTLY the same clutch mechanism as the SE (Clutch, bearing, arm, slave cylinder etc) with the exception of the master cylinder and pedal. The SE's master cylinder is 5/8" bore, the S4's 0.7", it's not obvious what is different about the pedal. Does anyone know if there is any reason why I can't use a 0.7" master cylinder? Will it totally screw things up? It would be nice to be able to operate the clutch with less pedal movement even if it was a bit heavier.
  23. Harry said on one of his earlier videos that to control the collection he has a one in, one out policy. So presumably the Esprit went to make room for the Porsche turbo S. It will be interesting to see what goes to make room for the Emira, there seems no obvious candidate. Unless that is the reason that he sold about 4 of his bikes at auction recently, 4 bikes out, 1 car in.....? might make the mrs happy.
  24. NG5

    Esprit footwear

    Thanks for that John, amusing article but the comment on wellies "By welly standards these are a snug fit, but that still means they can never be worn to drive anything with sensitive pedals or a tight footwell" takes me back to when I bought my Europa in 1980. The guy that demonstrated it to me was a big man in all senses of the word, I'm just short of 6 ft and he was well above me with width to match and you guessed it, he was wearing wellies. The Europa has pedals more sensitive and a footwell that is even tighter than the Esprits and I've been wondering for over 40 years how on earth he even managed to drive it, let alone drive it with the skill and verve he displayed. I take my hat off to him. He was a 'private dealer' in the wilds of nowhere near Farnborough if the description rings any bells with anyone.
  25. My general experience of POA on high value items such as this is 'if you need to ask, you can't afford it'. Filters out the dreamers.
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