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  1. the mileage seems right, bearing in mind this is a man now in his mid 80's and is absolutely minted, he has raced bikes and formula 1st cars , in his early years and even still goes up in his microlight up until last week end, its been on blocks for 8 years and he only used it for 3 months around his private estate when he first acquired it, he is such a nice old chap,
  2. all the service history is there and he has owned it for over 16 years but he never motd it, hes used it only on his private land never taken out on the road, missing parts, are all there lights seat etc, he had a mechanic putting on the new brake discs and pads when i arrived the engine is so quiet when its running, its only done on the new lotus fitted engine at 40,000 miles, that all noted on the history its not worth what he wants for it i had this happen last week with a maserati and week before a flat floored E type jag always got to take a l
  3. here is the vin number, and a couple of photos went over to have a good look and pay , its not as in good condition as he stated ( as per witch is often the case ) il up load a couple of pics including the details, thanks
  4. hi chris j on my hpi it states its a 1984 but when i spoke to andy graham he said it was a 1985 , i will take lots of photos on friday if i can get over there before friday i will, and take the v5 and service history of him then. its being delivered to my storage place on saturday , i understand your point, the man lives over 3 hours away from me so its not case of popping around the corner, after i got home from leaving him with a deposit for other stuff i originally went see , he then offered me the lotus over the phone , i never bothered to
  5. thanks to those for the sensible replies and info. i don't think it will bring more money to the table if it had been hazels car etc, why would anyone find it offensive that i am asking if this car was owned by hazel chapman ! i never said i think it would be worth more money or ever suggested that was the only reason i bought it based on the past ownership i said a lotus esprit is not my thing, but it is for some one, just not me i think it would of been a great if it had , and would make good conversation piece for the new owner of
  6. hello, that was the sales story from the current owner given to him on purchasing it from lotus dealership 7 years ago, i managed to speak too Andy Graham in Lotus Archives and he was kind enough to speak before he goes on holiday, what a nice chap, the car was owned by lotus for some time and it also was the first white pearl esprit series 3, i will contact the sales team to find out more, half blue interior, photos when i get over there again, looks like i am buying a lot of his acquired stuff ,ie motor bikes , and now a caterham, , i will add more as i get i
  7. The last vin 1900 not 1600 as in previous post ,well this is the reason i joined this site, as for my own gain the only thing i would gain is vehicle info, but the flip side of that there maybe someone on the forum that would like this car if the history is correct, and they made not have been aware it was available, i just wanted to get some info on the car, its not about me its about the car which you guys are passionate about, ok i am sorry if anyone took offence to my inquiries or questions about a lotus , ill give lotus archives a call, why is som
  8. the last numbers on the vin are 1600 and the current reg is B61 PEX
  9. thanks i will get the vin , its a 1984 lotus esprit in white pearl ,was owned buy lotus for the first 4 years ( apparently owned by or used by hazel chapman ) ,lotus then sold it , then at 40,000 it blow the engine so lotus fitted new factory engine, its now on 74,000 , it has full lotus service history, which i will also study i will get a better look soon, the current owner is such a nice man hes having a bit of a clear out im looking at buying it, just to flip it , not my thing, thanks
  10. no its white, never crashed never painted, only 17000 mls i think i need to check that, thanks for your reply yes , esprit , yes i have more details , i have seen it and its a reliable source for the details ,
  11. no its white, never crashed never painted, only 17000 mls i think i need to check the mileage , thanks for your reply
  12. tell me if i discovered a lotus that was previously owned by Mr chapmans wife (hazel) would this be worth buying and keeping, would it change its worth, thanks
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