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  1. Sorry to say all 10 sets of short shift adaptors have been reserved, perhaps it's better to wait for the user feedback before I decide will make another batch or not. Thanks for all the supports
  2. Thank you Sam, no worries, I am going to revise the drawing before sending it off for production, so that 3mm issue will be fixed at the time
  3. Hi guys, just a quick update. The second mock up arrived and it looks pretty good apart from the retaining hole at the back requires to move up 3 millimeters to ensure it locks securely onto the lever. Here is the video showing the shifting action from 1st to 6th gear, and then the reserve. WhatsApp Video 2021-09-06 at 2.04.25 PM.mp4 Instead of doing another sample and keeps everyone waiting, I'd like to go ahead with the production and hopefully to receive the batch at the end of September. The kit will include everything you need for the installation, including: - Short shift adaptor (stainless steel) - M6 Rod ends (For shift cable) - M8 Rod ends (For crossgate cable) - Shift cable pin - Stainless steel retaining wire As I said before, the kit will be absolutely FREE of charge but it will be great if those who are interested in this kit could pay for the shipping cost Cheers Keith
  4. @rmaurerExactly, it is not something new and I've seen the similar thing on other cars. Will put you in the list mate. I think we have 10 people now and I will give you guys update soon.
  5. Hi Mark. Thanks for your input. I think @Martrack was concerning about the material strength which we are now going to make the adaptor from a one piece solid CNC stainless steel. I understand the new shift point could stress the original arm/lever so if you look at the design, the adaptor was actually covering most part of the arm/lever so the stress could be spread across instead of at one single point.
  6. I have put your name down on the list I will update you guys when the second prototype arrive next week
  7. Absolutely, have put you guys on the list. Again I have no intention to take any money, It's for my own fun and I will make 10 sets to giveaway. Perhaps the interested parties will have to pay for the postage and that's it
  8. Confirmed they can CNC in Stainless steel so this will be what we going to use in the production batch
  9. Absolutely! Will put you on the list mate It's fine with the cost as I am planning to make 10 sets anyway Thanks for your input, if that's the case probably stainless steel is a better option then, let me talk to the CNC guy and see if they can make it in stainless steel as well
  10. The current mock up is 3D printed in Stainless steel, but I am thinking CNC it in aluminum for the production batch. Should be robust enough?
  11. Yes it will, we're all using the same EA60 gearbox with the same shift lever. Just the crossgate lever is different for later models (Exposed shifter) but we are not touching that here.
  12. Yes it does mate, will put you on the list Absolutely, will put you in
  13. @TBD Kudos for such brilliant idea! Surprised no one actually make the move of the adaptor so I thought I'd give it a go. I will be receiving the second mock up by next week and will keep you posted. I have no intention to make money from it so I am going to make few and give it to anyone who are interested @TBDyou are on the list indeed.
  14. Hi folks, I am developing a short shift adaptor which will fit all V6s with EA60 gearbox. The idea was taken from LotusTalk where you move the original pivot point inwards the shift lever, to create a shorter throw, which reduces the vertical (forwards/backwards) throw by approx 30%. More info below LINK : But instead of drilling the lever, I decided to make an adaptor which requires no drilling or risking damaging the lever. So the first prototype arrived a week ago and I have waste no time to get it fitted myself and I am so happy to say it WORKS! And it works brilliantly! The shortened throw reminds me the good old 997 GT3 shifter although the Porsche still has the edge in terms of 'Short' throw. The change feels more weighted as well as you now need a bit more ''push'' to change the gear, but which I am talking about a TINY amount there. Although the adaptor now fit tightly with the lever but there are few adjustments still needed before I can get it perfect, so more updates will follow
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