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  1. Your tyres will need some miles to 'run in' with your new geo, the front toe out and more camber will make the car more pointy and less stable on straight, but this is the way to go. What's the size of your front tyres? When you run bigger camber you should consider wider tyres as well to offset the reduced contact patch with the road.
  2. Arun_D is correct, Cup R has one catch tank only but it collects oils from both breather pipes. The reason why I didn't go for the Mocal was because it's the breather type catch can, it will smell really bad (Ok for race car) and you might get oil dripping from the breather cap area. Anyway I have got mine fitted and it working perfectly, here are some pictures:
  3. Does anyone know if the attachment below is the correct setup for the dual oil catch can system for V6s? I am thinking to get the Radium Evora dual oil catch can kit with a little bit of mod with the bracket to fit the V6s. Any thoughts/insights would be appreciated. Cheers Keith
  4. Great write up and very detailed info! 👍
  5. @Sotirios They weight around 6.6Kg in the front and 8.6Kg at the back, not particular light despite being forged as they're running slightly more aggressive offset and wider front than factory forged. I think Advan RZII is great value for money and they look brilliant but they only available in 9.5J at the back which is not ideal for 380/410/430 owners who needs to run 285 tyres.
  6. Sorry @Kristof Thys because @Sotirios was saying both TE37 and ZE40 ain't producing 5 x100 PCD so I am trying to say they do make it for the local distributors but not listed on their official website. So hope it helps ☺️
  7. They are offering 110 front and 114.3 rear. No adaptor needed. I can confirm this as I had their ZE40 fitted on my car. Garage Shimaya is a reputed Lotus dealer / parts supplier in Japan, so Rays makes special size for them which you don't see them on the official website.
  8. They didn't mention about the adaptor in their product description and looks like the wheel specs listed on the website are spot on for Exige V6 too? 17 x 8J ET26 18 x 10J ET35 I think they are still available as I've seen people putting on not long ago in Japan.
  9. They have made a bespoke TE37 for Exige V6 without the adapters now
  10. If you have 2013 car you are likely to have the same 4 wires connector as mine, you should have the connector there but I still can't figure out how to connect the wires. I have tried to connect the No.2 & No.3 in Arun's diagram but no success, also tried few other combinations and turned out browning the fuse so I gave up at the end. To remove the lower cowl, there are 6 screws in total, 2 at the indicators, 2 near the steering wheel and 2 underneath.
  11. Thank you @Paul_D! It's a bit weird it has wires for the LED but no LED on the actual switch. I will have a go with the black and black/white wires and report back in here
  12. Some of you might know there is an exhaust valve cable inside the steering wheel column, probably an option for some early V6 models. Does anyone know will it work on my V6s and how I can wire it up? My connector has 4 wires as attached which is quite different to 410 which only has two. I am not ready to pay £60 for an OEM switch so any help will be appreciated.
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