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  1. Well you could take it right up to the edge by heat and stretching as you go but the black PPF is a little more difficult to get right on the edge, soo the only way would be to remove the winglet and fold the PPF behind. Here is a link
  2. I found the easy way to apply them was with a small amount of heat, air dryer but I wet them up first... The black PPF is a little more tricky but they look fine on mine.
  3. Just thought I would give everyone with severe stone chip issues on the winglets of their beloved cars a heads up. I've made a template and I'm getting it cut out by Nick at Aliath who creates hundreds of these specialist PPF kits for just about any car. I've used his kits for a for years now on many of my cars and had no issues as its of a high quality material . After a discussion with him we decided to make a template off my car and he will be adding them to his already large list of kits. Easy to put on and good protection. He's probably gonna do it in a matt black wrap or a matt finish regular kit. I've attached photos of the issue and the template I made so he can get a perfect cut. If anyone is interested ill let you know as soon as he's made them. All the best
  4. Hi people, just wondering if anyone knew the colour code of the matt black winglets on the 250 cup, ive looked everywhere but cant seem to locate it. Its the same as the wing. I bought this car last year from new but have managed to chip the winglets.. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi mate, which 2ubular option did you go for and what was the price?
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