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  1. Hi! I had the opportunity to test drive a Jubu car with dct and their 500 hp upgrade) on public roads and did some hot laps on the co-drivers seat at Red Bull Ring with their red dct-exige and their crazy test-driver. What can I say: It was insane! It works smooth and shifts fast (I only can compare to the R8 DSG, and shifting feels quite similar). I will stay with stick shift in the Exige (bc I just like it and I am not on track with that car), but if a different gearbox would be a topic for me, I would go with a DCT. It's the better solution in my opinion (less maintenance than sequential, easy on public roads, fast on track) and it even seems to be cheaper than a sequential with paddle shift. Here a short comparison: Komo-Tec sequential (without paddle shift): 21.347 EUR ( Jubu sequential (without paddle shift): 22.190 EUR ( Jubu paddle shift for sequential gearbox: 7.790 EUR ( Jubu DCT with paddle shift already included: 24.990 EUR ( I was not able to find a paddle shift system at the komo-tec website, but if there is one from komo-tec, I think it will be similar priced than the Jubu system, so: sequential with paddle shift will be at approximately 30k (no matter if from Jubu or k-tec) dct with paddle shift is 25k (and far lower maintenance cost than seq) Finally - to be honest - the prices on all fast gearboxes are crazy (even for sequential). But who cares? 😂
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