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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses. My friend was going to bid for it but I think won't be now. Great advice on this forum. Simon
  2. Hi Does anyone have experience of de-seaming the horizontal body line joining the two halves of the mould? There's an Esprit on Bring A Trailer, where this has been done. It looks significantly better, but has the strength of the join been compromised? Many thanks for advice on this. Simon P
  3. Hi we got the gearbox off the engine to see why the clutch had failed, and discovered complete demolition of the clutch (see pics). The input shaft is still in place. Separated from the engine the outer end has about 1/8th inch play side to side. This is on a very low mileage 1987 Esprit Turbo. Can anyone explain what's happened? Thanks Simon
  4. Great thanks Atwell. I will report back on how it goes for the benefit of other souther Cali Esprit owners.
  5. Hi The car with the failed gearbox is in a workshop an hour north of LA. But anywhere in Southern CA would be ideal, or north as far as San Francisco. I was thinking he might have to send it to the Netherlands where the expertise seems to be. Thanks for helping out. Simon
  6. Thanks all for the advice. Another Esprit owner here with the Citroen box needs it rebuilt. Can anyone recommend a California based shop for this? Thanks again
  7. Hi everyone I'm new to the forum having bought my first Esprit - an '87 HCITurbo - right at the start of the pandemic. It's a low mileage car, that spent much of its life sitting still in collections - not what Chapman intended IMHO. I've replaced all the obvious belts and hoses and she's running well enough to daily drive in rotation with my Plus 2. Reading the forum, I see the Citroen box is a significant weak point, and as I intend to use the car as much as possible, I wondered if there is any advice on preventing wear and damage to the box? A specific oil or additive? Also are there any warning signs of failure like diff or bearing noises - or do they just explode without warning? Lastly if the worst happens, can anyone recommend a gearbox rebuilder? I'm in Los Angeles, but would be willing to ship it if the best experience is in Europe? Many thanks and I'm looking forward to learning more from all the experts here. Meantime here's a picture... Best wishes Simon
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