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    Lotus Elan+2 LHD USA-FED 1969
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  1. Baffled by this one. Everything about the horn circuit checks and test functions up to the horn button itself. Horn button and associated plunger all pass bench tests. However a ground from the steering column or steering shaft is missing. If I attach a ground cable to the steering shaft above the universal, everything works fine. The steering rack itself has a working ground. But, the rubber bushings in the universal joint appear to electrically isolate the shaft. It does not appear in the manual that any kind of jumper was intended to bridge this. Yet the horn did work in the past. Have no idea what has changed. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hi! Long time Lotus +2 owner. Bought the car new in 71. Been a lifelong problem child. It has spent more time in the shop or in storage than on the road. I’m making one last major effort to sort out long standing problems and reverse age related deterioration. Ive a lot of questions and hope you can assist in getting it sorted out. Love to see it road worthy and enjoyable to drive again. Steve in Jax
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