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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. Rykchiu - awesome write up, thanks so much. I ended up just removing the roof and passenger seat, leaving seatbelts in place and with a bit of manoeuvering squeezed out the plastic rear panel behind them. As suggested the speaker wires were already there, just cable tied down to everything else so I cut the ties, popped everything back in place and it turned out to be a nice easy job that only took an hour or so (once I had the right tools - needed a wobble extension for my ratchet handle to get at the seat bolts) Installed Focal 130AC in the rear a
  2. Hi all, disclaimer - I am a complete novice when it comes to car audio (or any audio, really) but yesterday replaced the Clarion HU in my 350 with a new Pioneer unit and swapped out the front speakers for Focal 100AC's - time and money well spent! Next things: fit a sub and rear speakers. However my car didn't come with rear speakers and I unscrewed the round blanking plate behind the driver's seat but there doesn't appear to be any speaker wire in there to fit them. Does anyone have experience wiring in rear speakers? Where to wire them in to and how to route said wire through the c
  3. Thanks all! That's the one, Dave. I test drove it a couple of times and snapped it right up!
  4. Hi everyone I'm Nick, 28, from the south west and in the last week I made one hell of an upgrade from my (admittedly superb, for 4 years) Audi TT Mk2 2.0 S-Line to this absolute monster - my 2016 Exige Sport 350 in Solar Yellow The Lotus is an enormous step up and what made me fall in love with it rather than going with something more "mainstream" like a 718 Cayman or an F-Type was how true it is to Lotus' mantra. It knows exactly what it's meant to be and delivers in every single way, the handling is exceptional and I absolutely love the rawness - don't think I could ever go back
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