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  1. Just had some Falken ZIEX ZE310 Ecorun fitted. Only managed a shortish test so far but it was cold and wet and they performed really well. Very pleased with them and it was only £300 all in. The old Pirellis had been on there for at least 10 years and were hard, cracked and flat-spotted. These have, rather unsurprisingly, completely transformed the way the car drives. Will be interesting to see how good they are when conditions improve.
  2. Thanks but there really is no need for that. I'm a very light poster on forums as I tend to use them for a lot of reading and research as I know a lot less than the resident experts so I'm really not worried about my old account stuff. 👍
  3. It's an 86. Most pictures are on my other computer but here are some from sunnier times in Australia.
  4. Hello I joined here about 12 years ago when I first got my Esprit Turbo but wasn't a prolific poster and that tailed off to nothing when work and life got in the way. I moved to NZ and spent 4 years there before moving to Australia for another 4 years. The Esprit came with me on my travels and we are now back in the UK so it must be one of the better travelled Esprits. Unfortunately it's done more miles on container ships than it has on the road in my ownership so I'm now looking to rectify that. I can't remember any of my old login details hence the new account. Andrew
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