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  1. VAG DQ250 up tp 650 Nm? They must replace the clutch to some reinforce badass parts.
  2. Anyway I can delete some over size attachments?
  3. Does anybody know how to : You have used all of the attachment space you are allowed. Manage Attachments to free up space
  4. Old love vs New love And I can tell you I don't miss Porsche at all even it's a Targa GTS
  5. Exige is good looking car, the design was back in 2012 but still looking good and exotic even for today
  6. It was all start 11 years ago when I was still in collage back in US NH. One day after work I found this baby in the parking lot. Behind it was my first car a MX-5 NB aka Miata in US. As a big fan of small light weight sports car, I know lotus long ago but this was the very first time I saw a Lotus with my own eyes. And you can't blame me cause I was in love, after a second thought I know this is exactly what I want. 11 years ago I was just a collage boy no way I can afford it. But I know this was not the end but the beginning. Until 2 years ago I finally had a chance to got one of my own Exige. Sadly,With all that many of exige none of them with a manual gearbox. Due to the stupid marketing policy, There are only handful manual exige V6 in my country I was driving a MX-5, a S2000 and whole bunch of motorcycles so I know how to handle a clutch well, but I guess sometimes you just can't have everything. So my exige was one of them here, not too much to pick, but mine was the only one there with the DPM race mode.
  7. I know there are only a few IPS exige around here, but sadly I'm one of them. Really wonder how much it can make things better and how it works compare with the Boe's IPS enhancement kit
  8. Thank you Arun for your clarity clue, so you mean there is no need to worry about this aluminum glue chassis at all? there is a theory said that this chassis is stiff enough 15 years ago when it just released. But nowadays especially the develop of the tire make the game change dramatically. And they are imply that it won’t handle super sticky slick tire well like M2C,718 or other modern sports car. And that’s the reason the exige have much better power to weight ratio but didn’t seems to have enough advantage on track compare to modern sports car,Blah blah.
  9. I will consider it when I decide to replace the stock bilstein to go with nitron, but if you told me those toe links will extra firm up the rear I definitely will do it. Especially I will get much more power than stock.
  10. Thank you William, always the most rapid reply from you. Any idea where can find a front chassis brace for exige?
  11. So one of my friend who tracking his 2015 exige V6 a lot told me that after heavy track use, the exige seems loose somewhere and start to making nose everywhere. And I will running my exige on track more and more so is there any chassis reinforce parts I can use to boost the stiffness before it’s too late? Roll cage is not my option cause I need to keep it road legal. Where I live roll cage is not allow in a road car.
  12. Hi Nicolas,where is your post for your Exige IPS EX460?
  13. It's nothing about the manual gear box, actually the GT4 manual is even faster the PDK by 0.7s So, anyone got any idea why exige 410 which is the lightest and got the best power to wight ratio end up be the slowest on track?
  14. Let's just wish it will be in a reasonable price range nothing like JUBU's ridiculous 25K+ euros...
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