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  1. It's just too expensive for me compare to the SSC kit
  2. And I assume it cost you much more than the whole kit from SSC
  3. Thank you Steve for sharing,Both you & Matthew are one of kind SSC & komotec hybird kits,You got the non-chargecooled TVS1900 with SSC air-intake and Komotec cooler with everything else. And Matthew got chargecooled TVS1900 with everything else form Komotec.
  4. Hi Matthew So you bought the charge-cooled-tvs1900 alone, and everything else like heat exchanger, ancillary hoses and hardware form komotec right? Is that an option for komotec if you don't live in Europe? And how is that gonna cost?
  5. Thank you George, next time you meet Imran, try his car just for the charger noise. It's addictive.
  6. Hi George, Is komotec's Airbox System is gonna kill the noise of super charger like the stock one, Or gonna release it like alias23's Air Intake Kit?
  7. Done that, Komo reply me: Unfortunately we didn't have no new charger nose in stock, also is these part not available by Lotus for the moment.
  8. Intelligent Programmable Shift-------Wow... How fancy I do have some issue on track with the gearbox not sure why but my guess will be overheated. But the AT alright have a cooler I think, maybe I should try some new transmission oil. Any recommendation?
  9. That's right, I don't know why the Lotus call it IPS but the fact that it is a 6 speed automatic transmission from AISIN which you can find on TOYOTA and LEXUS. You mean the IPS is more fragile than manual? Does anybody have a number that how much HP&torque this 6AT can handle if you are on track? I couldn't get a spare nose and neither do Komotec.
  10. My problem with komotec now is that I need to send the charger nose to Komo for modify. shipping back and forth from my place to Germany gonna easily take 1 month, could be 2 if you unlucky. And my Exige gonna be a zombie car sitting in the workshop for that much of time.
  11. I'm so jealous Matthew, She just so fascinating...
  12. Hi Mark, How the EX460 works with DPM? Or you just turn every thing off?
  13. All down to communications & service, right? I sent an E-mail to Harley SSC ask about how well the OEM 600 cpi cats under 480HP output.
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