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  1. Thanks for the insight, the combo of folding hard top, open air motoring and a hint of Q car is appealing but I guess it’s something that needs to be tried.
  2. For those who are looking for an early Evora, Just a bit of work needed to make perfect. Think I’ll pass on this one.
  3. I see the launch edition is getting more promotion as the Pistonheads spotted today. Seems to be a lot of press on these lately even with so few on the market.
  4. My guess would be that they are thinking they are the cheapest S1,s on the market so if you want one ............. If a couple come on the market for the more normal 25k ish they may come down again. On the other hand potential sellers may see them at that price and advertise there own 28k ish. Interesting times.
  5. Couldn’t agree more that’s why it would have to be the 55AMG. I agree it’s not a sports car but could be fun in other ways, convertible at a touch of a button, cheap road tax, 30+ mpg, great sound, and a big shove in the back when you want it. Just make sure you don’t try and carry the speed through a bend. Would I buy one? Not sure, but I’d like to try one. I've had a big V8 in a small car before and was fun and a bit scary in equal measures, and that did go around corners.
  6. Ha, ha. 5 1/2 litre V8, 415 bhp and 0-60 in 4.6 seconds. You know some butch hairdressers. Big V8 in a small car what’s not to like, worked for Carroll Shelby🤨
  7. Don’t all laugh together but how about a Mercedes SLK 55 AMG. I would think they would be quite fun, just not quite in the same way as an Evora.
  8. Looks like Pistonheads has caught up, £32k on both now
  9. Would you say it’s smiles better than any other one?
  10. Maybe it’s just because there are so few on the market atm.
  11. Good to know they found the problem and you have have worry free fun again.
  12. Could it be condensation after being under the cover is having the same effect as if it were left with wet discs?
  13. Should be a good time to sell if you had a mind to, what with a waiting list.
  14. If it turns out it is the starter, you can change the bushes much cheaper than buying a new complete starter.
  15. There is always the 10% difference between what looks a reasonable price to a buyer and it’s worth to a sellier.
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