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  1. Daring but I like it too. I’d like it even more if it was in my budget.
  2. Look on the positive side, at least when your current problems are fixed you’ll know the car a whole lot better.
  3. Wasn’t there a post recently about this that involved chopsticks?
  4. Yours says it’s a xfg000140 which “should” have a red cover. The xfg000150 should be the clear lens one. Might be worth checking before you order.
  5. I have read the forum posts of the previous owner and he does mention a potential loss of power which he doesn’t mention if it was resolved or not so maybe that might explain it. Maybe when he sees this thread he might chip in?
  6. Just out of interest I googled the reg no and from what I can see it used to belong to a forum member from here (Techyd) but was sold earlier in the year.
  7. Lol every inch or half an inch counts.
  8. The airbag cover seems quite raised at the front, or is it so common that it’s not worth mentioning and is considered normal?
  9. At 5' 6" 1/2 would I need blocks on the pedals?
  10. You might find some info here. hope that helps.
  11. Hi thanks for the replies and comments. I do have a few photos of my old Elan but it was before the days of digital so I'd have to try and dig them out. I'll try and copy them as and when I find them. It was quite unusual in that it seemed to have a black vinyl roof but rather than the normal leather effect grain, it was what looked like smooth rubber! I'm not making it sound very appealing but it made it look like a convertible with a hard top. My memories of it are very bitter sweet as it was stolen when I was trying to sell it to purchase a Caterham 7 kit. I do however remember the phr
  12. Hi, I have been having a good read of these forums for a few months now with a particular interest in all things Evora. Many, many years ago I owned an Elan S3 se which I would quite like again but head over heart says day.
  13. Nice collection of Elise, Exige and an Evora seen today at the sea front in Bexhill. The Evora looked quite big in comparison to the others, not seen one parked close by to notice the size difference before. lets hope everyone enjoyed their fish and chips.
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