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  1. As part of the tidy up of my S2 whilst the body is off I have replaced the tank breather tube running it where as it was previously. So looking from the back of the car the tube runs up from the right hand filler neck, around the edge of the tailgate lip over to the left hand side filler neck where there is a tee, one end goes into the left hand tank filler neck where should it go then - my car has no evaporation tank so keen to know where was the vapour from the 2 joined tanks is supposed to go from the tee? out under the left hand tank? I suppose even if there was an evaporation tank that sh
  2. Thanks - think I’ll make a small bracket to attach at the rear as per the brake pipes and have a flexi to the clutch slave cylinder. As you say the front can run straight from the master like the brake pipe. Should look in keeping and I can situate the bracket and position to allow the flexi to be accessed from under the engine cover when the body is on. Franc
  3. Thanks for that - Makes sense in the photo below you can see the red pipe presumably not a favoured option now, but will investigate. Franc
  4. Afternoon all, I’m on the home straight want to know if there is any actual advantage to fitting a braided hose. Given that I have Full access should I just make a new pipe up. The car had a hose on it when I stripped it but had been trapped and the braid damaged so don’t want to reuse. if a pipe is the way to go did it originally run all the way or where there flexi hoses at the ends? Does anyone know the route it took around the engine the old pipe had been removed. Assume it simply ran alongside the F/R brake pipe in the clips. Advice welcome as to what’s best - I’ve
  5. It’s the original green cloth - in good order inside still has the the proper radio and the receipt from when it was sold at about 7 months old - I think because of the F1 link whilst it’s been left alone but I had to save the chassis ... F
  6. Hello all on the forum - been an interesting time since Feb when CV-19 appeared. Good job I had the Esprit to do would have been a boring time without, as I did 22weeks isolation For health reasons, so Lotus cars are a benefit to mental well-being after all! DVG was a going concern but looking close to having problems as well as having lots of perished bushes and poor damping - but essentially very original which is why I bought it. I’ve got the lotus letter saying it was was used by Reutemann in the 70s when he drove for the team so I thought we needed to give it a deep tidy rather than
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