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  1. I decided s4s is the way to go.... but finding one is another challenge! Im getting impatient so there is a black v8 for sale on car and classic, had a recent engine rebuild by max500, v8 power, sound and reliability right......? still scared of a v8 but It’s so nice.
  2. Looking to invest in a esprit s4s with full history with reasonable mileage uk only. Budget is around £35k cash buyer.... always wanted one now is the time. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for all the reply’s, really good to hear opinions From lotus owners. I’m so stuck between a v8, SE and s4s it’s a really hard decision ,I think I’m going more For a s4s but there is only 1 for sale in the uk that I can find and it’s up for £50k! What would you be looking for for your v8 lotusfella? Looks awesome! I was so close to making a deal on a SE high wing, really nice car but No history for the first 13 years! Worried me.
  4. I live near Norwich, the car I’m interested in is in Surrey
  5. I agree, hopefully will test drive another once decided. Anyone know who to use for a professional inspection?
  6. Thanks for the advice, I think I will go for the 4 pot it was far better than I expected, I would love the v8 but the extra cost is a big jump I will test drive just to tease myself.
  7. thanks for the welcome. Today I had a test drive in a SE high wing, what a car! I’m so surprised how a 30 year old car can accelerate like that! Brakes need a bit of attention though. Next stop v8 test drive!! Then devotion time...
  8. We haven’t got as far as negotiating warranty as yet but I would want at least 3 month. This is all new to me, Iv never bought a classic before, very nervous but it’s my dream, I’m trading in a Nissan 370Z nismo so I guess it all comes down to what they can offer! Fingers crossed!
  9. Thanks for your reply’s, today I viewed the esprit Pete suggested, history was very good and is a lovely car, only thing that concerned me that there was no evidence in the history about the engine issues being resolved being a early v8, would this concern you guys?
  10. Hello everyone, Iv finally decided to move from Japanese cars to owning a lotus!! Iv always loved the esprit so I’m going to look and test drive a SE turbo, V8 and a S4, all 3 are on piston heads and Iv done research on what to look for but looks like it all comes down to the history of the car. Iv attached a couple of links of the cars I’m interested in, I would really appreciate some advice on what else to look for, I know The esprit Isn’t a daily, it will Be cared for and used occasionally in my possession. The V8 is 1996 I did read to stay clear of this year but why is this? www.pist
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