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  1. 😂 go big or go home! will do thanks for the tip.
  2. Yeah good thanks. I had it inspected Saturday by a specialist, theres a few things that need doing, new shocks and springs, bushes, replace a few brake lines, exhaust needs a bit of work but on the whole a good solid car, Body work and interior are near immaculate, engine runs smooth and pulls well but Im not going to take any risks so Im going to take engine out replace belts, fluids and possibly refurb turbos before I get it on the road. really pleased! was a risk!
  3. Wasn’t my first choice but s4s are extremely hard to find, I’m expecting high maintenance but I’m looking at it as owning a Ferrari with high costs only with a lotus badge. 😬
  4. Thanks really excited to finally have one, I have been looking everyday for over a year, history is good but not full so will get the belts, fluids and maybe turbos reconditioned be be on safe side.
  5. Been to look at it, body work, wheels and interior are in excellent condition. Engine sounds fine, underside has corrosion but not terrible to be expected with the age, slight leak from the oil cooler. Test drive was pointless as it was snowing and rear end was snaking!!! But Iv taking the gamble It’s on my trailer now taking it home, will let you know what it’s really like once it’s up on the ramp. Iv finally got a esprit!!!!!!!!
  6. I’m going to look at it today. It was rolled so damage to roof. Iv done lots of face time with the guy seems genuine but can never tell, engine sounds a bit tappety what you guys think? IMG_3817.MP4
  7. I decided s4s is the way to go.... but finding one is another challenge! Im getting impatient so there is a black v8 for sale on car and classic, had a recent engine rebuild by max500, v8 power, sound and reliability right......? still scared of a v8 but It’s so nice.
  8. Looking to invest in a esprit s4s with full history with reasonable mileage uk only. Budget is around £35k cash buyer.... always wanted one now is the time. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the reply’s, really good to hear opinions From lotus owners. I’m so stuck between a v8, SE and s4s it’s a really hard decision ,I think I’m going more For a s4s but there is only 1 for sale in the uk that I can find and it’s up for £50k! What would you be looking for for your v8 lotusfella? Looks awesome! I was so close to making a deal on a SE high wing, really nice car but No history for the first 13 years! Worried me.
  10. I live near Norwich, the car I’m interested in is in Surrey
  11. I agree, hopefully will test drive another once decided. Anyone know who to use for a professional inspection?
  12. Thanks for the advice, I think I will go for the 4 pot it was far better than I expected, I would love the v8 but the extra cost is a big jump I will test drive just to tease myself.
  13. thanks for the welcome. Today I had a test drive in a SE high wing, what a car! I’m so surprised how a 30 year old car can accelerate like that! Brakes need a bit of attention though. Next stop v8 test drive!! Then devotion time...
  14. We haven’t got as far as negotiating warranty as yet but I would want at least 3 month. This is all new to me, Iv never bought a classic before, very nervous but it’s my dream, I’m trading in a Nissan 370Z nismo so I guess it all comes down to what they can offer! Fingers crossed!
  15. Thanks for your reply’s, today I viewed the esprit Pete suggested, history was very good and is a lovely car, only thing that concerned me that there was no evidence in the history about the engine issues being resolved being a early v8, would this concern you guys?
  16. Hello everyone, Iv finally decided to move from Japanese cars to owning a lotus!! Iv always loved the esprit so I’m going to look and test drive a SE turbo, V8 and a S4, all 3 are on piston heads and Iv done research on what to look for but looks like it all comes down to the history of the car. Iv attached a couple of links of the cars I’m interested in, I would really appreciate some advice on what else to look for, I know The esprit Isn’t a daily, it will Be cared for and used occasionally in my possession. The V8 is 1996 I did read to stay clear of this year but why is this? .. p;cId=10459995&cId=7310883 .. p;cId=10459995&cId=7310883
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