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  1. Good evening, does anybody know where to go to get the carpet that covers the tool pouch on the engine cover? As mine is in poor condition and could do with a repair or probably worth getting a new one, it would be for a 1979 Esprit S2. Also I’m looking for a battery cover which I have no clue where to look and talking to some fellow owners who say this is the place to go. Any help would be much appreciated guys.
  2. I currently have a 1971 Elan Plus 2 S/130 but I’ve done all the work I want to do to it really and have fallen in love with the Esprit. I’ve been told if I’m to do a straight swap price wise I’d be looking for an S3 that may need some interior work and tidying up for around the 20K mark. What do you all think? any advice would be great, thanks.
  3. Where does It say it’s at auction?
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