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  1. I can understand your disappointment, jumping from a raw lotus with no electronics, light chassis to a Clio 3 RS is like going to another dimension Recent RS are really frustrating, glad to see i'm not the only one to feel that way ! They're just too easy to drive fast and stuff, really boring
  2. Hi Neal, thanks for your really detailed reply The Elise market in France is quite a mess tbh, there's nothing and everything at the same time which results in quite a challenge trying to find a good one ! Considering how bad the french market is, i'll probably go for an S3 Need to start saving € asap Thanks for the link Bibs !
  3. Hello Justin, thanks for the advice ! An S1 really attracts me but they are getting really pricey in France atm which therefore led me to consider an S3 aswell (220 Sport / 250 Cup) but are these two that much different ? I could literally get an S3 220 Sport for the price of an S1 111S . I did find a few S1 though, guess i need to take my time more to find the good one. I was also considering an exige s2 during sometime (the NA version because i'm quite scared by all this gearbox problems with the SC versions) but apparently there's been issues with the cams and overheating (multiple issues reported in a french forum). I hesitate a bit, i think that i should try to get a test drive in both and see which one i like the most About the RS chassis, the CUP chassis are excellent on track and on well paved roads but as soon as it gets bumpy then it becomes another story ! My megane was literally glued to the road and with the LSD and 275bhp it was overkill to me, got bored of it because it was too easy and lacking feel (was also an heavy car).
  4. Hello everyone ! I'm new on this forum, i just introduced myself in the introductions forum I'm currently planning to get a lotus in a few months and i'm hesitating between an S1 111S and the S3 220 Sport / 250 Cup. In fact, I'm missing the 90s era cars and i've been looking at S1 111S but they are pretty rare in France and a bit pricy considering how old they are, even tho i understand how appreciated this model is which starts to lead me towards an S3 220 Sport or a Cup 250. I even thought of an S2 Exige at first but the weak gearbox and other issues turned me off a bit. I don't really like when a car is too easy to drive, i'd rather have a characterial car (not too snappy neither, quite forgiving but not too easy) which you get to know and get used to in order to extract the best from it. But the more i look at the S3 the more it attracts me. So, if i were to get an S3, how different are the 220 Sport/Cup 250 in terms of behavior ? I expect the 250 cup to be on rails since it has aero and wider front tires, but i need feedback from an owner. Thanks !
  5. Hi everyone ! I'm Alex, 27, and currently planning to get a Lotus ! I'm a huge Lotus fan and i'm planning to get one since i sold my Megane RS CUP. To make it short, what makes me love Lotuses is the philosophy : a light car, communicative, involving, not overpowered compared to recent sports cars with ridiculous amounts of power that you'll never be able to exploit unless you track it 24/7 (and which lack the involvement and the feeling of a sports car). I have a few questions to ask regarding elises which i'll post in the appropriate forums. Looking forward to discuss with you guys ! Thanks !
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