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Community Answers

  1. I'm sure it's been around for more than a year......maybe two....
  2. I wish you luck but I really can't see you getting a straight Evora S for £30k......they just haven't dropped that low. A category S car or accident damaged maybe....but I haven't seen one of those in years Good luck!
  3. I had to let mine go due to divorce therefore loss of a driveway/garage/move into the city. I'm incredibly sad, but, it was the right thing to do. It sounds like right now the Lotus may be additional stress that you don't need..... I think a lot of people will say keep her....but from my previous experience with cars.. once you get to the point of basically listing it and coming up with a price you want......then its time to let go.......
  4. The forums work......The car has stayed in the community and gone to a great new home! Cheers all.
  5. Due to a very sad change in circumstances, I would consider selling mine but its 63k miles.... 2013 Sports Racer. Manual gearbox. I'd be looking for £30k to 35k...... Even if the mileage is too high for you, you're more than welcome to look round it anytime. I'm in London. Cheers
  6. Just to help build a picture..... Checked my 2013 SR this morning... No cracks thankfully!
  7. Don't want to jinx her.....But she's been great again!!!! Let's see. Doing more miles next few weeks. Will update again end of the month. Thanks Gav
  8. My fault!! Clicked the link and then scrolled down not up!!! Cheers Bravo.
  9. How much are you looking for? Any pictures of the lenses? Thank you
  10. The elise shop ones have only lasted a year for me before fading as well.......
  11. I've had those codes.....I wish I could give you a straight answer to fix it though! Easy things to try first .... . Fully charge battery. Clean and manually push throttle butterfly. Unplug and contact clean throttle body connection...... Change/clean MAF. Harder things to try.... Brake and clutch pedal sensors......... I could go on
  12. Not too bad actually. Rear seat base up. Undo 4 small bolts on access door. 4mm hex. Be careful not to round off! Unclip some connectors. Carefully undo about 8 10mm nuts. Don't lose washers or nuts! Slowly pull out pump and housing. Take to dining room table. Sprinkle petrol liberally around the dining room floor and table. Unclip bottom of pump housing. Pull out old pump. Cut off old pump connector and solder on new one provided with kit (most fiddly bit of job) Reassemble. No particularly difficult bits. You need a soldering iron and fresh air. Won't make any difference if tank empty or full. Theres a guide somewhere I saw. I bought the kit from Monkey Wrench Racing.
  13. Same as yours. Pretty dirty and almost black. Few bits of visible swarf but not blocked........
  14. Yeah blimey! The fumes are intense!!!! There was some swarf at the bottom of the tank (not sure where that's come from) so had my head in it for a little while sucking bits out. I feel strange. Thanks for your help mate
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