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  1. Right. I suspect this may be a long one so I apologise in advance. My car is being rather strange. Half the time it drives beautifully with no issues. The other half of the time, she's a nightmare. The main symptoms are..... Uneven idle and cutting out. Lack of power. Especially evident at motorway speeds when the accelerator pedal almost stops working. Just loads of hesitation and power loss. She becomes just jerky and unwilling to rev. with yesterday.....after doing that for 10 mins. A 5 min rest and then start again, she's back to normal! No codes or warning lights present. I've chased the usual suspects and replaced..... MAF sensor. Brake pedal sensor. Clutch pedal sensor. Full ECU reset. Upstream o2 sensors. Throttle body clean. Spark plugs. We do have a spanner on but that is for the electric heat pump that would usually operate after shut off. Has anyone please got any other ideas? I want to love her but at the minute can't trust her for any journeys at all really. Thanks all in advance.
  2. Powerhouse always had a good reputation in the Jag world and that's a decent update. Interesting stuff! And not too expensive to fix in the grand scheme of things.... I'd be tempted to forward on to Lotus? Not sure what it would achieve but maybe worthwhile?
  3. I've fitted Powerflex bushes to various different cars over the years, and taken them off as well! My overall findings are that proper sportscars respond well to them. Big heavy fast cars not so much. In bigger cars you need a bit more give in the suspension. I put them on the front and rear of my Evora S last year and been pleased. (ARB bushes) (Powerflex do 2 for the Evora. A black harder track one and a purple road one. I chose the purple) Hope that helps.
  4. You can do it with the car sat on ramps or with a pit. No need to remove wheels. Fairly straightforward depending on how your front undertray comes off. Worth checking hvac unit drain hose and other drain hoses/holes for blockages whilst the front undertray is off. Remember to lube up your new bushes well if using Poweflex.
  5. Part two is up! Really interesting stuff!
  6. Looks great! Same colour as mine. Have yours got the reflector inside?
  7. Sorry! Should have clarified....they're after market rear lights....Made in America by a chap called Greg. Website is Greg's Racing Parts....Hence GRP. These are ones are the third version, V3. Cheers
  8. Like it! Subtle. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. Interesting.....don't think they have them as an ebay bargain for £175. Where did you stick your reflectors?
  10. GRP V3s fitted....... She needs a wash and I need to take some better pictures!
  11. Ladies and Gents.....we have a winner! Peugeot 406 handbrake shoes are indeed correct fitment for the Evora NA and S......Not sure about the 400. All fitted today, no dramas. £16 delivered compared to £110 from Lotus
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