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  1. Did you have yours under a cover as well? Fingers crossed summer does the trick!
  2. Hi All, So......I've now learnt my lesson. She was under a car cover over winter.....and when having a close look around today, she has 6 tiny bubbles on the edge of the rear clam edge where it meets the door shut line. Now. I am very very tempted to pop the bubbles with a tiny needle and use a bit of touch up paint, or squirt some glue with a syringe into the bubble and close it. Or......Wait until summer and see if they go naturally? Anyone tried either? Seems mixed advice in othe topics? Lesson here....don't use waterproof outside car covers!!!
  3. Thanks Gents. Have considered Allon White, but their retrim costs are higher than the price of a second hand set in good shape. The search continues.......
  4. Thank you guys..really helpful stuff. Mik.....don't suppose you're anywhere near Hertfordshire and want to do mine for some beer money?...
  5. Jim any chance of some pictures? Do they go all the way to the edges? Were your headlights still shiney or slightly dull before application? Thank you
  6. Yup this has happened to me as well. Mine hasn't worn through the cable sheath yet. I've done a temporary repair of duck tape for now and will see how it's getting on during the summer when I'm doing some other bits underneath. Its worth everyone checking theirs and getting some protection on! You can never be too least thats what she said......
  7. Same for mine. Incredible service!
  8. It looks like real alcantara from the pic.....Remember, its a synthetic product, not really posh! Yours works well with the dash and door cards. The top half looks slightly thicker than standard, someone may have chosen that when getting it trimmed in full alcantara..... I've just had mine retrimmed with leather top and bottom and alcantara on the sides.....looks great. Hopefully will wear ok!
  9. Good news they got to the bottom of it! Did they say how they managed to diagnose it? Is the part easily available? Cheers
  10. I'm aware this is a bit of a long shot......But has anyone got any hidden away somewhere they'd be interested in selling? Mine have seen better days and checking options. Money waiting! All the best, Tom
  11. I may have missed this.....but have you tried putting a new battery in? Failing batteries often cause a lot of strange electrical issues...... Good luck with it all
  12. Hi All, Is Silverstone's replacement still the best option here? Any progress with any DIY attempts? I love the smell of solder in the morning! Cheers
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