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  1. Part two is up! Really interesting stuff!
  2. Looks great! Same colour as mine. Have yours got the reflector inside?
  3. Sorry! Should have clarified....they're after market rear lights....Made in America by a chap called Greg. Website is Greg's Racing Parts....Hence GRP. These are ones are the third version, V3. Cheers
  4. Like it! Subtle. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Interesting.....don't think they have them as an ebay bargain for £175. Where did you stick your reflectors?
  6. GRP V3s fitted....... She needs a wash and I need to take some better pictures!
  7. Ladies and Gents.....we have a winner! Peugeot 406 handbrake shoes are indeed correct fitment for the Evora NA and S......Not sure about the 400. All fitted today, no dramas. £16 delivered compared to £110 from Lotus
  8. Mine did this tonight........ I replaced ARB bushes and drop links less than 500 miles ago. Very strange noise! Only at crawl on full lock...... Will let you know if I work it out.
  9. Have you still got the VXR8? I do miss a big V8 in my life! Went from the M5 to Jag XFR.....the supercharged V8 in that was glorious.
  10. I've stuck with gloss black and will continue to do so..... But.....a colour that always appeals and works well as its slightly darker is called "Shadow Chrome". BMW used it on some M cars a few years ago and I think it's a good in between for silver or black.... Worth a Google. It looks incredibly when done properly and in real life. Almost like a silver grey coming through black.... Picture of my old M5 with Shadow Chrome wheels. Can't find the close ups on my phone.
  11. Thanks Bravo. As a gamble late last night.....I've ordered these... Will let everyone know!
  12. I wish it was that...... I changed the brake lines, calipers, discs and pads......At the end I overadjusted the handbrake shoes...... Which decided to stick on whilst going round the M25, scorch the disc, burn off the disc paint and turn the original shoes into a charred mess. Lesson. Don't adjust your handbrake shoes too tight!
  13. Has anyone managed to find these? Its not clear on Deroure which part they are and if they are the ones I think on there.......then they have the usual lotus tax bringing them to £100 plus. Which is crazy for handbrake shoes. Anyone found another option? Thanks all
  14. Nice one! I'll keep you posted about how many hairy moments I have this summer!
  15. Blimey that's low!!! Can I ask why that low? Does it handle better or is it more about comfort? Cheers @rallyesax I've now got MO P Zeros on the front and MO PS4S's on the rear......Am I going to end up in a hedge?
  16. I've just fitted Pilot Sport 4S's to my rear........ What is the general consensus on best tyre pressures for the 4S's? This is on the 19/20 inch wheel set up. Thanks all.
  17. My 2013 has a few tiny bubbles on the same panel.....
  18. Yup no problem. Will let you know!
  19. Ex Lotus Press fleet.......which mine was as well.....mixed views!
  20. Its not too bad..... 15 mins to get seats out. They're only 4 bolts. Fully adjust the seat back forward, helps removing them from car. (There's wires that need unplugging) I then put them upside down on a stool to access base. Dismantling the runner requires a bit of jiggling but once you've done one it's self explanatory to do the other side. You then remove the plastic ball.bearing carriers, pop out the metal and insert the very slightly bigger Torlon balls. The tricky bit is working out how many torlon balls you need. If you swap all of them, the plastic bit won't go back into the runner. So you need to look at the runner and see where the most wear in the metal is, and change the balls that sit in that part.......I changed maybe 6 out of 12 balls each side. You then gently hammer them back in the the runner. It probably took me 2 to 3 hours in total, once you get your head round out it goes together it's straightforward. Its only two pieces of metal and two plastic ball carriers per side. I bought these balls.... I knew I should of taken some pictures!!!
  21. Hi All, Thought I'd share this one... My drivers seat had some play and very slightly felt like it was moving backwards and forwards under heavy braking and acceleration. Found loads of stuff about this happening on Exiges and VX220s but very little on the Evora. I initially tried the Exige fix, two wavy metal bars that you hammer into the runners.....however....they don't fit the Evora runners, they're too short. So.....I stripped the runners down and had a bit of a think. Inside is two plastic pieces that hold 12 steel ball bearings. These had, over time, worn indentations into the runners and that was causing the play in the mechanism. The stainless bearings were 5.8mm in size....... I bought some Torlon (serious plastic type stuff) bearings....6.35mm..... Swapped them over, rebuilt, tricky stuff.....But........ No more play, no more knocking!!! I forgot to take pictures but happy to explain bits if this helps anyone. All the best, Tom
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