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  1. I'd be definitely interested from the rain prevention angle. Would it be fairly windproof?
  2. The quality of the CoverCraft one really is top notch. I know it's expensive but it's a one off expense and it'll still be worth £80 second hand if you ever sell...........
  3. I imported over from America....came to around £80ish I think....really good quality.
  4. Wraps and wheels worry me. MOT history doesn't look too bad though. Seems cheap....
  5. My new slightly questionable plate is now on......
  6. Anybody else able to help out here please? Thanks all.
  7. Tim will drop you a message!
  8. Does anyone have a TVS1320 or TVS1900 Supercharger for sale? (Evora or Exige fitment)(preferably Evora)...... Anything considered....Will explain reasons in another post. Please let me know. Best regards, Tom
  9. Cheap!! For a dealer sale......Thats what I would have said that car would go for privately!
  10. Great stuff! Did Ashley give you a price as well? Using GRP prices....we looking at around £440 each? Hopefully BOE direct price cheaper? Cheers
  11. Yup I worked out what is, but never found a part number. Its like a bit of door glass rubber, that basically slots fits onto the edge of the scuttle panel and sits up against the edge of the front clam panels....... I'm guessing to stop water etc getting under the front clam from the windscreen area. I have a theory that a rather enthusiastic jet washer prior to my ownership may have blasted it off on the corners. I tried my best to push it back on, but have basically given up until i one day need to remove the front clam for whatever reason and can correct then. Unless anyone else knows another way?
  12. I'm Hertfordshire so happy to travel around most of Central and South England really
  13. Yup. It can be one of those codes that comes and goes according to use.....I was unlucky and had it almost every drive. Replaced both O2 sensors...fairly straightforward. Part numbers for the Bosch part on the 2013 S model..... Lambda Sensor 0258006127 Bosch Oxygen MHK100840 MHK100840L A117E6007F 0258986615 Maybe that helps.... Clear and do some driving first!
  14. For comparison info...Royal Steering Wheels are £180 approx for the same. Looks good with the blue marker!
  15. Let us know if they work! May get some myself!
  16. I do..... Because when I left it outside under a cover the paintwork bubbled! No space in garage so have no choice but to leave outside in all weather without a cover......
  17. Sounds like this could be a preventative job for all of us to do...... Just to clarify, which wheel arch is this accessible from? Thanks for the pictures
  18. Did you have yours under a cover as well? Fingers crossed summer does the trick!
  19. Hi All, So......I've now learnt my lesson. She was under a car cover over winter.....and when having a close look around today, she has 6 tiny bubbles on the edge of the rear clam edge where it meets the door shut line. Now. I am very very tempted to pop the bubbles with a tiny needle and use a bit of touch up paint, or squirt some glue with a syringe into the bubble and close it. Or......Wait until summer and see if they go naturally? Anyone tried either? Seems mixed advice in othe topics? Lesson here....don't use waterproof outside car covers!!!
  20. Thanks Gents. Have considered Allon White, but their retrim costs are higher than the price of a second hand set in good shape. The search continues.......
  21. Thank you guys..really helpful stuff. Mik.....don't suppose you're anywhere near Hertfordshire and want to do mine for some beer money?...
  22. Jim any chance of some pictures? Do they go all the way to the edges? Were your headlights still shiney or slightly dull before application? Thank you
  23. Yup this has happened to me as well. Mine hasn't worn through the cable sheath yet. I've done a temporary repair of duck tape for now and will see how it's getting on during the summer when I'm doing some other bits underneath. Its worth everyone checking theirs and getting some protection on! You can never be too least thats what she said......
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