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  1. Same for mine. Incredible service!
  2. It looks like real alcantara from the pic.....Remember, its a synthetic product, not really posh! Yours works well with the dash and door cards. The top half looks slightly thicker than standard, someone may have chosen that when getting it trimmed in full alcantara..... I've just had mine retrimmed with leather top and bottom and alcantara on the sides.....looks great. Hopefully will wear ok!
  3. Good news they got to the bottom of it! Did they say how they managed to diagnose it? Is the part easily available? Cheers
  4. I'm aware this is a bit of a long shot......But has anyone got any hidden away somewhere they'd be interested in selling? Mine have seen better days and checking options. Money waiting! All the best, Tom
  5. I may have missed this.....but have you tried putting a new battery in? Failing batteries often cause a lot of strange electrical issues...... Good luck with it all
  6. Hi All, Is Silverstone's replacement still the best option here? Any progress with any DIY attempts? I love the smell of solder in the morning! Cheers
  7. Thanks for that. I managed to find them on ebay and although the pictures look good, they're all listed as used which is a bit strange..... Will give them a call. Cheers
  8. Any link at all to the wishbones? I can't see them on the ES website....... Thank you!
  9. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for the BOE kit in total?
  10. Interestingly I've got a Skoda Citigo........VW Up in disguise........good little runabout! I have no idea how they can justify their VAG service prices........its a three cylinder very simple engine. I managed to do a major service on it myself for the grand total of £43 in they get it above £700 is absolutely crazy!
  11. Dave thanks for the explanation. Amateur question, just to clarify......if I apply a vacuum to the actuator.....I'm looking for it to stay open? And not slowly close? Is that correct?
  12. Sorry, just to clarify, are we talking about the supercharger bypass actuator? How did you check function of it please? Thank you!
  13. Do you have a part number for the bypass actuator? Or where that part is? Thank you
  14. Very similar issues to mine! Sounds strange but changing the clutch pedal sensor did make a bit of a difference for me..... I'm changing the plugs next.... I'm on 64k miles.
  15. The power of the forums! Great update for any potential buyers. I wonder if they've done a small chips away type repair somewhere to the front maybe?
  16. Sorry to intrude.....but ExeterJeep....does this mean your rear wing is for sale?
  17. Which is a shame as the colour scheme is excellent in my opinion....
  18. I've talked about that car before...... Accident repairs and missing service history in short.......
  19. Have you changed ARB drop links or ARB bushes? I did mine a few weeks ago and made a HUGE difference! Not particularly expensive parts either. Worth doing.
  20. Mods please close this post. Thank you
  21. Sounds like it would have been perfect! Sadly I took a bit of a gamble and bought the press fleet one in my signature pic in the end. Been a challenging time! Enjoy the 430!
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