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  1. Sorry and did you buy one of those 22mm special o2 sensor sockets? Yeah I've seen two types....that one and a normal one with a cut out.....I was hoping to get a normal spanner in there
  2. Just my luck! Thank you Did you do it from underneath or on top?
  3. Hi All, The car is now regularly throwing a CEL for an o2 sensor.... Code P0154. Bank 2 Sensor 1. Looking back through the history its done this before so will change the sensor.... I've worked out its the pre cat sensor on Bank 2...... But....Which side of the engine is Bank 2?! Any help gratefully received!
  4. I looked into this used to belong to a forum member.....theres some nice pictures of it somewhere on here. Not sure about current ownership and the ad pictures seem to be from two different times judging by the S badge going missing!
  5. I'm dragging up old topics again!! Sorry. This exact situation and same codes happened to me tonight. Died and wouldn't start in middle of busy junction. I unplugged throttle body, intake etc, put it all back together, starts again but doesn't run perfectly and if you try and rev match into a lower gear, she will hesitate before responding..... Did you manage to sort it Dunsfold Dave?
  6. Is the spark plug job on the S that hard? Back panel removal and change looks easy......
  7. I would be very careful with that car....... I considered it at length.........I may have even bought it if he'd come down to 35k.... Its had the drivers side rear quarter resprayed and some parts on the rear including diffuser...... Its also got no service history whatsoever from 1k to 33k...... And there's no real flexibility on price....... It needs a good inspection but credit to the dealer for being honest. He was open with me on the phone......
  8. Mik is right.......I'd been looking for months and had to make compromises.....if I hadn't id still be looking now, 6 months after I started! Good luck!
  9. I'm chasing a hot idle problem.......leads may be an idea as the next thing to check.....if you find out which ones they fitted please can you let us know. Good it was a relatively straight forward fix!
  10. The water would have had to get very high to get ingested into the engine on these cars....... Best of luck with the purchase. Fantastic cars.
  11. Compression check can be done without rear clam removal. Relatively straight forward, just need to remove rear access panel in boot. You could take the belt off the supercharger and slowly spin the snout to listen for coupler/bearing noise...... But to be honest I didn't do either. These engines are so reliable and I haven't found any horror stories of engine or supercharger problems when doing research. If you've got a good ear and used to different engine noises you'd be able to make a fairly reasonable assessment from listening.
  12. I'm 6 foot 1 (and rather heavy) regrets or comfort issues at all.
  13. Can't see the pics for some reason......
  14. I'm dragging up old posts again! Apologies all. Did anyone try this in the end? Any downsides? I much prefer the throttle behaviour in normal but the exhaust noise in sport!
  15. Mine does have three small patches on the bottom, about the size of a 10p coin. I've sanded them down and coated/stone chipped but will definitely keep an eye. First car I've had thats getting a rusty sump at 7 years old!
  16. I hear this noise as well! Not actually managed to work out what it is though..........
  17. I'm dragging up an old thread again. Sorry everyone. C8RKH Did you manage to find a similar leather to the venom red? My seats need some tidying and I'm trying to buy a leather paint to match venom red.....without any success. Your centre console it a close match? Whats the name of the colour please? Sorry all
  18. I think those ones could be a little bit too steep to clear the front bumper........
  19. Have these myself, been really useful, but definitely a long term investment!
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