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  1. Race Ramps.......Strange foam things. Very good and quick and easy. But not cheap!
  2. That's useful Gav thanks. Did you ever remove the plastic panel at the bottom of the windscreen on the outside when leak fixing? I'll take some pieces off tomorrow and investigate! Cheers
  3. I've found this sitting underneath the windscreen........ Anyone know where it should be? Its the same on both sides ........
  4. Sorry to drag up an old thread....Phil have you got the part numbers handy for the trim? Has this replaced one lasted or is it looking like it may crack again? Cheers
  5. I appreciate its an early car, registered late....but it almost seems suspiciously cheap! Bargain for someone.
  6. Great pictures! Especially the last one. I'm pleased to say apart from some caliper fading, the bodywork has remained tip top!
  7. I've joined the club!!! And yes......that picture is actually my car!
  8. I've got this problem as well. Did you happen to find a solution?
  9. This car is now on my driveway. Search complete! Thank you to everyone for all their help. Really appreciated.
  10. Hi All, Annoyingly my drivers seat slides very slightly backwards and forwards when braking / accelerating......its a tiny amount but you can feel it. I've seen it's common On Exiges/Elises but can't find anyone mentioning it on the Evora.... Anyone got any ideas at all? Thank you.
  11. Can someone please sell me theirs! I want to be in the club as well!
  12. Some beautiful pictures! I really think the Sports Racer is the peak of the S1 Evora. I'm still trying to find one, if any of you with a manual car are considering selling, please get in touch. I want to get one before Summer ends! Thank you, Tom
  13. Theres some discussion about the car on Pistonheads and I think the owner is on there too. Sounds like a well looked after car.
  14. Sadly no reply as yet from @trcm Still struggling to find one! Was hoping to be able to enjoy the last of summer before she got tucked away for Winter Do people believe more may show up on the market as winter approaches? Has that happened in previous years? Thank you Tom
  15. I've touched base with Jamie and he has my details....fingers crossed. Ideally I want a manual sports racer....... Thanks for the help all.
  16. Hi All, Is anyone familiar with this car at Bell and Colvill? Thank you
  17. I appreciate info from all and I have made enquiries. Sadly the car also has only two recorded services. One at 1100 miles and one at 33400....theres no other paperwork at all with the car. The combination of the very high price, huge servicing gap and rear repair rumours put this one out of my comfort zone. I agree it's a beautiful car though!
  18. Thanks Paul. Really helpful. It looks lovely but something just doesn't feel right about it if that makes sense! Wheres the engine cover gone? Why do the brake discs look like they've been at the bottom of the ocean? Whys it moving around the country between auction houses and dealers.. The search continues!
  19. I don't suppose anyone knows this car? New&onesearchad=New&advertClassification=standard From what I can work out, it was also for sale in a Welsh dealership 100 miles previously. Not sure how long ago.... I love the colour but it's rather aggressively priced sadly!
  20. Hi All, My search has begun for a cared for Evora S. Preferably manual. If anyone is interested in selling please let me know. Thank you, Tom
  21. Hi All, I am also looking for an Evora S, preferably manual. If anyone is considering selling please let me know! I can't find any nice ones for sale anywhere! Thank you, Tom
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