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  1. I wish you luck but I really can't see you getting a straight Evora S for £30k......they just haven't dropped that low.

    A category S car or accident damaged maybe....but I haven't seen one of those in years 

    Good luck!

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  2. I had to let mine go due to divorce therefore loss of a driveway/garage/move into the city.

    I'm incredibly sad, but, it was the right thing to do. It sounds like right now the Lotus may be additional stress that you don't need.....

    I think a lot of people will say keep her....but from my previous experience with cars.. once you get to the point of basically listing it and coming up with a price you want......then its time to let go.......

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  3. I've had those codes.....I wish I could give you a straight answer to fix it though!

    Easy things to try first .... .

    Fully charge battery.

    Clean and manually push throttle butterfly.

    Unplug and contact clean throttle body connection......

    Change/clean MAF.

    Harder things to try....

    Brake and clutch pedal sensors.........

    I could go on

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  4. On 19/06/2015 at 15:22, CocoPops said:

    Now I feel sick :(


    I was hoping to get an email today saying "Car ready"... but no.. I get an email saying "Loom replaced, issue still exists".


    They've changed the Engine loom, to the latest spec with additional earthing points etc but the issue still remains.

    So they tried my ECU in another Evora and the issue is replicated in the other car. When they try the other cars ECU in my car, the issue is not present.


    Thus it looks like it needs a new ECU!!


    Not sure where I stand on costs/bills etc, certainly not wanting to pay anything.

    Lotus were picking up the cost of the loom and labour with Silverstone directly, as it was a Lotus decision to change the loom.

    Lotus Silverstone have now gone to the warranty firm to see if they will cover cost of ECU (£900 iirc from deRoure prices).


    Gutted to say the least.

    3 weeks now without my Evora (out of 11weeks ownership).

    Sorry maybe ive misunderstood the above.........i thought you said issue remained after loom changed...hence they moved on to ECU?

  5. 22 hours ago, 21gg said:

    Its odd that it's not throwing a spanner or code? Coil pack is the only other thing I could think of. I'm not sure if you can read the afr from the ECU, that might show something. The O2 sensor caused some issues on mine and if you can get obd software that graphs the output then its sometimes easier to see and interpret rather than just a fluctuating reading.

    What about fuel pressure?

    Fuel pressure is one that interests me......fuel pump is reasonably loud when you press the immobiliser button...not sure if they all slightly loud?

    Not found anyone else who has changed a fuel pump......

    7 hours ago, EGTE said:

    air filter?

    Changed that as well!

    17 hours ago, Arregueti said:

    Throttle actuator / throttle body?

    I know it is different because yours does not throw a code, but mine threw a CEL light and traction control failure light recently after a very wet short drive. It drove well on the road but threw the light when I restarted it to put it in the garage. Idle would go crazy (up to 3000 rpms then down) with very limited throttle response (ie. It would not follow my input). I let it dry, restarted a few times a week later but the CEL continued (traction control light disappeared). Connected the OBD reader: it had two stored codes that read throttle actuator performance/range / forced Idle. Cleaned the codes and now works fine.

    I also keep thinking throttle body......but its a serious want to be more sure before buying one.

    What I don't understand is how it's so sporadic.....surely if a part had failed, then really it shouldn't work anymore, but there's times when the car is absolutely perfect!

    Thanks all so far. Its genuinely appreciated!

  6. Right.

    I suspect this may be a long one so I apologise in advance.

    My car is being rather strange.

    Half the time it drives beautifully with no issues. The other half of the time, she's a nightmare.

    The main symptoms are.....

    Uneven idle and cutting out.

    Lack of power. Especially evident at motorway speeds when the accelerator pedal almost stops working. Just loads of hesitation and power loss.

    She becomes just jerky and unwilling to rev. with yesterday.....after doing that for 10 mins. A 5 min rest and then start again, she's back to normal!

    No codes or warning lights present.

    I've chased the usual suspects and replaced.....

    MAF sensor.

    Brake pedal sensor.

    Clutch pedal sensor.

    Full ECU reset.

    Upstream o2 sensors.

    Throttle body clean.

    Spark plugs.

    We do have a spanner on but that is for the electric heat pump that would usually operate after shut off.

    Has anyone please got any other ideas?

    I want to love her but at the minute can't trust her for any journeys at all really. 

    Thanks all in advance.

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