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  1. The whole thermostat? Or just the inner thing with the spring to change? Is that still available? Do you have the OEM or cross reference number of that part? Thanks Marc
  2. Only thing is that according to the gauge I'm running cooler now. By a far bit. 10 - 15 degC. I'm not sure if my thermostat is working the way it should. I was expecting the same temperature but more stable and less fans running. At least the fans are ok and quieter than before. Cheers Marc
  3. Just wanted to give an update here: I had a new radiator built here at a local shop. Nice work I think. Price was as estimated. The radiator sits in rubber thingies (whatchamacallit ) now. Should be better. Fitted easily in the car, all good.
  4. uhmm Sorry for the late reply: It is the #51 like in the nick. ROW for LOTUS ist everything except US as it is for Porsche? Although car is left steering it was registered in the UK for a long time. Steering wheel is Momo 3 spoke, like original but no signature. Unfortunately. Stereo is an old Philips Old and nice but I'm not using it. Sure my garage is clinically clean, every time I'm done with a job, it is cleaned meticulously Marc
  5. My fans were blowing all the time when in traffic. I was just at a local radiator shop. The old/original was already fixed before. Don't want to do that again to the 40+ years old thing. They can build me a new aluminum radiator a little bit thicker with better cooling capacity for around 750 Euro. Not cheap but in line with other offers I have. Unfortunately due to my vacation and theirs it will take a while before the car would be on the road again.
  6. Just a couple quick pictures I was about to change the bushings in the rear wishbones. Saw that the radiator is leaking. Now the radiator is out too.
  7. Thanks, I'll dig into that. At first glance yours is more stubby. Mine is 80cmx19cm (the radiator) including frame its around 90x20cm
  8. Hi, I'm new to the forum. Just posted something in introductions. Need some help with the radiator and fans. The radiator started leaking. I'm looking for an aftermarket replacement with increased cooling. Any brand/model you'd recommend? Or should I got to a local company and have one build? Recommendations for that? Doing a new radiator I want to upgrade the fans. Read about the SPAL that seem to be the ones everybody is using. Couldn't find information about the model to get. Can you point me towards a thread here where someone documented his radiator/fan upgrade? Don't
  9. Just wanna say 'Hi' to the community. My name is Marc and I'm living in Germany in the Koblenz area. I have a 2005 Elise S2 (highly modified) which I bought in the US in 2009 and a 1979 Esprit S2 (bone stock) which I bought in 2018 in Luxemburg. After I bought the Esprit I did the usual things like brakes, timing belt, sparks, filters, all the fluids etc. and added some fans to the engine enclosure. Besides that I'm a long time Porsche guy. Currently having some smaller issues with the Esprit. I'm hoping to get some help and advice here. I'll post something in the tech
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