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  1. hello , I am looking for 2 new window switches for my 1978 S1 esprit . I just did the window relay upgrade and the switches are corroded.
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  3. thanks ! from what I have read it is pretty standard in the early cars. i am trying to figure out what is original or not before i do anything to it.
  4. hey gang, Tony K newbee steve here , I searched for this string because I wondering the same thing about leather in an S1. I just bought a 78 S1. red with dark brown and tan inside. the seats are definitely tan leather and the center console behind the window switches is leather like the seats. my door panel's dark brown seems to be vinyl but the center light tan and handle are leather. it is in my trailer still (just bought it) so it cramped and hard to really get into it. wondering what I have that is stock or changed. here are a couple pics. I can see that the window switch panel and gear shift surround has been cheaply re-done in vinyl. any incites will help me decide to restore to stock or make it my own.
  5. oops first mistake , looks like i am on a single members page.   

  6. hey gang, I just bought this '78 US esprit. i am in Seattle Wa.  it needs a lot of love but it is mostly intact. it runs, drives, stops and it very rust free. the first thing i need is an engine cover for it. any leads ? 

    thanks , steve

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