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  1. Hi Dave, carbs are re-built and re-mounted but haven't yet had time to tune up and try it out. I adjusted the nearside float down a mm to reduce the level to nearer 27mm at the jets. I'm hoping it will solve my right hand cornering problem. cheers Mike
  2. Hi. yes just to confirm, the measurements are as Steve4012 says; that is the fuel level is 23.8mm down from the top face of the carb
  3. Similar problem, turned out to be crud on the resistance track inside the sender. Dismantled the sender, used electrical cleaner insider and emery papered the oxidation off the wiper arm. Now works a treat. cheers Mike
  4. I think it goes from the bottom screw on the accelerator pump cover to the nut holding the intake manifold to the head. Mike
  5. There's a number of threads on this topic and the illusive setting of 27mm depth of fuel. As they say, the carbs don't sit horizontal on the manifold. I measured the following on mine in the picture. If you take an average then it should present at 27mm at the jet stack. However, I've got a different question, if I could test some logic with you guys............... If I take a fast right hander, the car often wants to stall. (It doesn't want to do this with a fast left hander). I guess in this circumstance, fuel will surge towards point A, this will hold off the floats harder which means that the fuel level at the stack will start to lean out. How does that sound? cheers Mike
  6. I'm going to bite the bullet and strip & re-build them. It's been 12yrs since they were last done with a fair bit of sitting around over the winter.
  7. Thanks for the advice. Will give the colourtune a try as well Mike
  8. Hi Trying to set up the carb mixture on turbo esprit using the des hamill book (and also doing carb balance using the carbtune). Curious problem is that turning in the idle screws on the rear carb makes no difference to the idle running. Turning in the screws of the front carb does make it go lumpy (but to be honest its not that smooth an idle anyway). Progression is good and revs well. Balance is good between the four chokes. Timing is good and advances to spec. Seems like its running rich based on the sooty exhaust pipe and sooty spark plugs. Any thoughts? cheers Mike
  9. Same with me on the bolt tightening. Fitted new springs and it sat high until I had another go and only torqued up the suspension once the car was sitting on the wheels. Now its sits at the correct 150mm ride height to cross-member. cheers Mike
  10. MikeJ

    Silverstone Classic

    Will be there, sitting on Club Lotus stand. Should be great weekend
  11. Can be the fan relay. However, on mine it was a poor ground connection. Underneath the steering column, next to the manual switch for the electric aerial, there are a couple of screws through the leather for holding a relay (I think) however, one of the screws also provides a ground connection. This was loose, resulting in a poor ground, some heat and melted plastic. Once I'd cleaned it up and provided a decent ground connection, never got intermittant fan fail light again. cheers Mike
  12. Not quite sure what actually sorted it, but after changing the master cylinder seals and adjusting as per the manual, the stickyness (and the constant stalling, making me look a right prat) has gone. Mike
  13. Got to agree on the glass roof experience. Best bit is that if you're upside down doing some work in the footwell, you can stick your legs out the roof! cheers Mike
  14. I lay claim to a Jupiter Red car, I think its a great colour for the S3T Mike
  15. Got to say that the pipes were in quite reasonable condition before anodising, so didn't cause a problem.
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