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  1. Thanks for the replies on this. I will order ASAP before I cannot start my car. It spins slowly every time. I thought it was battery weak but when I fully charge, the starter motor acting the same.
  2. Hi, Are there anyone replace the new starter motor from PNM ? Is it good? Just about to order.
  3. Thanks, I think the problem might be from the mechanical links from the motor. The motor seems to be fine. When it is ok, it is all the way up and down. It got stuck sometimes.
  4. I have got problem with my Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. Some times they pop up without any problems. For a few times they got stuck, no pop up on the right side and won't come down on the left. The tuning knob on the motor is very hard to turn. When I can turn them and adjust them a little bit, they seem to work again for a couple times then they become stuck the same. It seems to me theyare too tight when closed and too tight when it open up. How to remedy this problem? I have bought the repair kits from SJS but the problem is still the same. When they work, they can go all the way up and down.
  5. Hi, My car is '92 Lotus Esprit SE turbo. I have some leak in clutch master cylinder. I was wondering where is the leak and how can I do something about it. Do I need to replace it all or just the repair kit to replace the piston inside? Actually, the clutch still works fine. But I need to replace the break fluid once in a few months. Thanks, Tic
  6. Hi, I am looking for the master cylinder of '92 Lotus Esprit SE. I have read the thread that the slave cylinder can use Land Rover Series 2 2a. But I am not sure with the master one. Would you mind telling me which one can be used?
  7. Hi, I found some leakage of the coolant on one of the rubber water hose. So, I am thinking of replacing all the hoses in my '92 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. I was wondering if anyone has used the package from Ebay.|Make%3ALotus&hash=item342ededdc8:g:M6YAAOSw7QJfPhWt Are they OK? and the price is just about right for me. My starter motor grinds sometimes. What should I do about it?
  8. Yes, the paint can crack since fiberglass is more flexible than metal body but the colour cannot.
  9. I think the crack is just on the paint not the fiberglass crack.
  10. Hi, I've got '92 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE. I found some area of paint has hairline cracks. Inside my right door has a big colour chip fall off somewhere before I got the car. I afraid that the area will progress so I put a yellow sticker to hold it. I wonder which is the right method to cure these hairline cracks and the colour defect. I am not ready to have the whole car or major parts of the car repainted yet. I have googled and found that I need to sand it down make a V groove and fill up with gelcoat. Some say that the paint should be mixed in Gelcoat. Some said just paint it after Gelcoat. Some said just paint over the crack. Kind of confused. What do you recomend for the repair?
  11. I finally fix it. The problem was the plastic break so the diameter of the hole wider. The stick kept popping out from its metal shaft. I cleaned it and tried to use glue but failed since there was some part of plastic missing. Then I found epoxy clay from a hardware store. It comprises two different materials. I took one little cut of the stick, kneaded it well until blue colour disappeared. Then I filled the gap of plastic. I painted the metal shaft and the base with vegetables oil to prevent the epoxy clay stick to them. I made a small ring of clay around the base of the metal shaft, then I pressed the indicator stalk to make the shaft get into the hole and the clay was pressed inside at the same time. It works! The clay got hard after 10 minutes. The indicator stick works like it should be, no popping out the metal shaft by any movements. But, I already ordered form SJS. I will keep it just in case that the old one fail again.
  12. Thanks. I got confused since I have seen that photo with yellow arrow. Do you have the photo where it is?
  13. Hi, I just got '92 Lotus Esprit Turbo SE last weeks. When I drove home I just noticed that the coolant temperature didn't go anywhere above 60C, which is strange. I had been driving almost 6 kms but the temp was almost the same. I was wondering what is the problem. Is the coolant is cool as it indicates by the gauge? or the gauge itself is failing? or the temperature sensor is failing? How would I check on this problem?
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