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  1. Thanks. Yes, buying and supplying is definitely the way forward in future. I wasn't aware of the extras that needed doing before it was in however, otherwise I would have considered sourcing them. The bill states 10W-40 fully synthetic. Part synthetic wouldn't be right for it, and I'd hope no independent would think to use it in such an engine.
  2. I have recently had my 2004 Elise 111R serviced. As this is my first annual / 9k service under my ownership, I have nothing to compare it to, but on getting the bill (from an independent), I was surprised at the price for parts for additional items it required: ancillary belt at £56 inc VAT (due to recent marked increase in parts price on this item, and it now costs even more I was told - mine was bought by the garage before the latest price hike, so god knows the current price), spark plugs at £76 inc VAT for four, and an exhaust (pre-CAT) oxygen sensor at £139 inc VAT. None of these pr
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