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  1. I found it. On my S3 elise I had a similar issue with the car not locking when the interior light was shorting out. That turned out to be a cable in the bulkhead. I had the interior bulkhead off the Evora and got lucky spotting it.
  2. FIXED!! Thanks for all your help and suggestions.... Turned out to be a short on one of the grounds for the Alpine Sub amp in the back. Electrical Gremlins....all sorted now though.
  3. 😞.... Hatch closed and everything electrical working as it should. Tested the boot latch and it is doing everything it should. Boot mechanism working from the drivers door and fob, but with the boot open or closed I get 3 low beeps every few seconds continuously. Ive tried making sure the mechanism is ok and did a battery disconnect just in case.... But nothing. I am out of ideas so any others are welcome.
  4. Thanks for the reply. I don't think it's a siren power lead. I have checked the brake light works and that is in the same loom that runs to the tailgate. The tailgate sensor seems to be working as the boot light goes off and the dash display shows when the boot is open and closed. I have had the car on a charger and it has also been for a decent drive (got to where I was going and couldn't remote lock it and that's when I noticed the issue) so I am sure the battery has a decent charge. I havent left the key in the car... I am stumped. The tone of the beeps seems to suggest that no matter what I do the car things the tailgate is open.....
  5. This is my first post ever and the start of my Lotus forum presence since purchasing an Evora 410 Sport 2 weeks ago.. So firstly... Hello 👋. Secondly..... I have a problem with locking my car and could use your help. When pressing the fob it locks and the mirrors fold in, but it emits 3 low pitched beeps as if the boot is open. I have tried locking the car with a door open and I get the 3 high pitched beeps and it will not lock. I have checked the boot and when it is shut the boot light goes off and the dash shows it closed. I have tried arming the system with the boot fully open and I get the same result if its shut... 3 low pitched beeps and flashing hazards constantly. I did disconnect the battery a few days ago..... negative off and then the following day negative back on. It could have been under 30 mins from the ignition being on, but I am really not sure... but the car had not been turned over for several days. Is there a way to reset the sensors or alarm? Any ideas welcome Thanks
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