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  1. Thanks @chipp - turned out a previous owner had put the T sections that go on the end of the runners the wrong way round! So they were at the front, preventing the seat going forwards as much as it could. I've since swapped them to the back of the runners where they should be, and she can now reach the pedals no problem!
  2. Fixings in an S1. Elise parts do them. Not sure about S2/3!
  3. Agreed - interesting track day as track is busy and general level seems pretty good, overtakes wherever and not waiting for pulling over / indicating etc. Particularly enjoyed the VW sharan 🤣
  4. Can’t answer (1), but with (2) - PS5 is a different type/class of tyre to the PSS. Will you actually notice if you don’t take it to the track? Probably not!
  5. Lovely spec. Have you driven a 991GTS? Unless you really need the extra rear visibility / slightly larger rear seats I’d wager you will regret it!
  6. Window regulators/motors also prone to failing. Mine went, was expensive (£650) to fix!
  7. My car is going to Steve Williams next week for a cambelt service and it makes sense to upgrade the cams at the same time! Just need a (good condition) set of 135 cams (the ones marked ‘300’) if anyone has got a pair? Will obviously pay market rate! Thanks!
  8. Staying flat over the crest at Schwedenkreuz would also be hair raising I expect with these handling characteristics - you’ve got to be very careful to manage the weight transfer when you get on the brakes for the fast left just after.
  9. Thanks Bibs! Is it possible to delete photos from previous attachments to make some room?
  10. Something like this?
  11. One more! 5) Any experience with noise cancelling headphones for chilled roof down cruising at speed?
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