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  1. Good write up in this comparison in autocar, although I’d take issue with elements of the conclusion. 1) Put 100 sports car fans in front of Caymans and Evoras. Will 95 or 98 prefer the Cayman? Definitely not, not to drive. I’d say more like 50/50 evens, ownership proposition & price is where the Evora suffered and hence the reflection in numbers sold. 2) Not quite sure why so many articles in the main copy seemingly prefer any given Lotus and then in the conclusion randomly award first place to a Porsche, but this does it too. Reasons being it’s smaller?! More desirable (don’t think so, not really). And more usable. Maybe the last one, but is that how you award first place to a sports car? Maybe a Volvo estate… Anyway, reviews don’t matter if the orderbooks are full, which they are. Best of luck to the Emira, feel like Lotus deserves some success.
  2. I don't think the market is quite where it was at 6 months ago. Price is perhaps what might have fetched interest then, but less so now (especially with popped airbag and not having all three packs, and whatever the dashboard split is)
  3. I think some of the later model Evoras might get squeezed a touch in the short term m, but S1 cars will probably benefit from the extra attention to the marque. My 2p!
  4. Just about as positive a review as I’ve seen Chris Harris give - really positive for the Emira given the size of the audience. Interesting there were no specific shots of the interior - clearly a pre production model and that was the condition of shooting. Anyone know if it was a tour or sport chassis?
  5. I just read the Evo track review in the magazine. Sounded pretty fair enough to me, not biased. They wanted to like the car. Possibly some combo of LSD and the Goodyear tyres that made it a bit understeery? Quite a few other reviews have hinted at the same thing. Does seem like Lotus has veered into BMW territory of being very spec sensitive! If I was ordering, think it would be tour/Goodyear/no LSD!
  6. There's a lot of doom and gloom in this thread, but I don't think it's merited from the reviews I've read / watched. All of them have said the Emira is, at the very least, 'good' (I've not watched the Evo video). And that's by 2022's very high standards, with a pre-production review car, often with the wrong chassis for the testing conditions. Matt Prior's autocar film might be a good cure for insomnia, but he basically puts the Emira at the same level overall as the GTS, which if you read any of the reviews for it when it came out, was literally THE BEST SPORTSCAR EVER MADE OMG OMG JIZZ EVERYWHERE. So if the Emira can be considered in the same breath as that then it's done pretty well IMO. And the most important thing, really, is the order book. If Emira was selling like late Evora, you could kiss goodnight to the idea of ever having another Lotus sportscar. It would be SUVs and saloons until we're all wormfood. So lighten up folks. If you've ordered an Emira, it's a better all round car than the Evora. If you've got an Evora, it's still just as good to drive as it ever was. And those full order books mean the chances of a lightweight Emira with either tuned V6 or i4 up to mid 400s are pretty good. That WILL be an exciting car.
  7. Agreed - I normally like Matt Prior but here it was like he was trying to send us all to sleep. Phoned in video content if ever there was.
  8. One interesting question is what chassis Lotus specced for the press cars… I think they’ll have gone with sport, but let’s see!
  9. I reckon that sounds about right - although the engine comments only apply to the 4.0 flat six in the Cayman GTS. The Toyota V6 should easily beat the Cayman fours which all journos hate.
  10. Embargo lifts midday tomorrow I think. How's this thread going to react if everyone hates it? 🤣
  11. Yep, it’s an NA. Not many S’s around sub £35k atm.
  12. Wow - that’s awful luck with the engines. Hopefully you’ve got a sorted one now!
  13. Would have been easier to part-ex for a Sport 410 wouldn't it? But still - love this project!
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