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  1. Will Blackham has got a lovely S that I'd be all over if I didn't already have mine:
  2. Speaking of which - how easy is it to upgrade the speakers? The sound quality is fairly uninspiring, even compared to by stock 2004 Mini's system.
  3. Just to point this out before the motoring press does… The absence of rear seats means the Emira is a Cayman rival and can’t pretend to straddle the gap between the Cayman and the 911 the way the Evora used to. So whilst the Emira FE looks good value next to a base 911, the real comparison is with the rather well equipped Cayman GTS with a 4 litre flat six and 400bhp which is £10k less. (And a bloody sensational car). Expect to see lots of head to heads between these two when Lotus release cars to the press. It’ll have to be bloody good to justify that £10k difference over a Porsche!
  4. I suspect output is 400 rather than 410 or more due to emissions necessities and getting the CO output down. And possibly to leave more room for fancier models down the line if 430 is all they can economically get out of that setup.
  5. I’d say that car is worth the very top end of your range @reindeer, looking at what else is out there.
  6. With a propensity to swap ends… 🤣 is that what happened to necessitate the replacement?
  7. It's the immobiliser. If the car has been open for more than 40 seconds then you need to press the middle button again to start the car. Lotus quirk!
  8. They broadly do. Problem is some of the NOS stuff has perished and they also have a problem with titles/vins - they have to build a ‘new’ car from the tub of an old one. They did re-manufacture a bunch of cars a few years ago but quality was generally no better than a well kept original example. And they charged a big premium! Basically Steven W is sitting on a shit tonne of parts that will never get used (with only 6,000 cars still around, will 20% of them need new doors?!) so he’s trying to figure out ways of monetising it all.
  9. One of the better parts of the ownership proposition of the DeLorean is parts availability - Just about everything you could want you can still get (and not at horrific prices, although I'm sure DMCH have used the rise in values of the cars to inflate the parts prices too). I was waiting for Steven Wynne to talk about the mystical left front fender (wing) but they just kept blathering on about having 1000 doors! What they'd give to turn a few of those into left front wings
  10. Apart from weight - is there any other advantage to running 18s all round? Shortens the gearing obviously…
  11. Do you guys leave your engine cover on or ditch that to save a bit of weight?
  12. How much weight do you think you’ve taken out of the car since it was stock? Interested what implications that has for accuracy of OE figures!
  13. And the LR box gives you super chilled cruising and good mpg too
  14. Not Goodwood, but I’ve got some pics from a few years ago of one of the largest assemblies ever in the UK!
  15. Aren't 3/4/5/6 the gears you use the most for general driving on the road?! I don't tend to drive round at the redline in second much 🤣
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