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  1. Awesome! 360? 430? I get a bit confused from behind!
  2. Was informed today that my aircon compressor (replaced by previous owner last year, reconditioned unit) has seized. The price to replace was eye watering so I said I'd get back to the dealer in the morning. I'm assuming that they know to check it's not just a software issue. So looking at alternatives - the part number above in ebay gives you get a bunch of compressors for around £300 - much better than the Lotus price or the new Toyota price (£900) quoted me today. Question is - does this work? It's not listed as V6 Camry, just V6 RAV-4 and that may be a killer difference... https:/
  3. Can I ask what your normal labour rate is for repair work? This looks like a great offer, hope plenty take you up on it!
  4. I'd be tempted to drop the pressures a bit on mine but on 19/20s they're so low profile that you worry about knackering the rim if you hit a pothole!
  5. Market is good for buying at the moment. You should get a nice car for that.
  6. Looks like an epic trip. Not quite a Lotus, but I took my DeLorean down to the alps in winter a couple of years ago. It held up OK! Took snow socks rather than chains, and a relatively light set of tools, spanners, sockets, gaffer tape, zip ties etc. One thing I would recommend though is a new pair of skis if those ones on the car are the ones you intend to ski on!!
  7. Do dealers have to charge VAT on second hand cars? I thought it was just the new price?
  8. At the risk of outing myself on this forum, I am what is commonly referred to as a 'leftie' and quite frankly I feel exactly the same way you guys do about this behaviour. When the riots were going on in London a few years ago I thought the cops should have had snipers hanging out of choppers with tranquilliser rifles.
  9. What old Ferrari have you got @LotusLeftLotusRight? Pics!
  10. Think it's exactly the same as yours! I was really on the fence about whether to go alcantara on the top and bottom sections but in the end there's no alcantara anywhere else in the interior so I think it might have felt a bit out of place. Stroke of luck that the leather is exactly the same colour as the rest of the dash leather etc!
  11. I've now got a spare steering wheel should anyone want to continue the forum round robin - yours for £70
  12. Great write up - thanks @blueg33! How many miles are on the Ferrari by the way, and how many did you have on your Evora? Your Fezza looks like it's been well looked after in its 20 year life! And if you're getting an indy to service your 360 for the £280 Lotus fixed cost I'm impressed!
  13. Some of the early cars had low mileage clutch/gearbox issues if I remember correctly, not sure why a 400 would do. Pretty sure the 400s go at least as far as S1 cars before needing a clutch?
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