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  1. You do realise that Laura K has exactly the same biased reputation from the other side too? The BBC is in an impossible position given how polarised every political issue has become these days.
  2. As the owner of a 996 AND a Lotus I approve of this message
  3. I had a test ride on the Thruxton a couple of years ago. Loved the torque and the way it made you feel Took a bit of effort to get it round the corners though!
  4. Long ratio gearbox on that black NA if it’s of consequence to you. I went to see it back in August.
  5. Nice SP2s in this thread! Only just found it. I've got a couple of blades - one 2007 and one 2019 SP. Considering chopping the newer one in for an Aprilia RSV4. Can't wait for the weather to warm up and lockdowns to bugger off so I can get them back on the track!
  6. Agree. Start the engine once a month, drive a mile or two if you can. Even if you can't, better to let it come up to temperature than sit there for an extended period. These Toyota engines get much worse treatment than that and massive mileages in their other applications with no problems!
  7. I have a feeling the car wouldn't have hung around so long if it was a different colour. Also - I'd want the dealer to have done an oil change after that time, and the tyres are pretty edgy too!
  8. Car is parked on the flat - and is used daily so car cover not a practical option. B&C did seem to have sorted the issue with new A pillar trims at the last service but now it's come back at the same time that the passenger side trim is flappy at the top (sealant come away?). Can anyone whose Evora doesn't leak give the top of their A pillar trims a poke for me and tell me if they're flapping about or firmly attached? Otherwise I will be leaving tissues around the interior to try and work it out. Thanks!
  9. As limited of use as the rear seats are, 2+0s do seem to have a more limited market for buyers - that might have contributed.
  10. Got into the car tonight to find it damp and steamed up - checked under the passenger mat and hey presto it was piss wet down there. Pretty frustrated as I had Bell & Colvill put two new A pillar trims on to sort this problem recently and had them check it again when the passenger window regulator gave up the ghost a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly the A pillar trims don’t seem firmly connected at the top - if you poke them there’s quite a lot of flex going on with the door/window seal. Is this likely the problem or could it be elsewhere? Thank you... am pulling my h
  11. Looks like a nice spec car. You do wonder why it's £5k cheaper than the next cheapest 400 out there and there's so little in the way of description for it. Also - new clutch at 21k miles? What's going on there?
  12. +1 Really well handled drama, lots of parallels to what's going on at the moment too.
  13. You'd have to say I'm facing a three sword wielding samurai then right? I've got a 996 gen 911, Lotus and to top it off, a DeLorean 🤣
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