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  1. Lots of balls slicing through traffic like that there too - you really do have no idea what other punters round there are going to do and whether they’re on the RHS because they’re pulling over or because their lines are all out of whack. It’s a proper scary place to drive that fast on a touristfahrten day!
  2. Cayman/Boxster GTS values seem pretty solid atm too
  3. Those increased wheel slippage thresholds are enough to go properly sideways it seems!
  4. Ah, was great to meet you! Had a fab evening - doing 2'24" laps by the end of it, still not as quick as I am on the bike round there which was a bit surprising given the extra rubber on offer! Loved the Evora though Also - dare I mention it - had perhaps the most shameful moment of my track day career - having a spin on the *second corner of the sighting laps* 😳. Put the car in sport mode, booted it out of the hairpin, lost the back end to the left, caught it and came round to the right, lifted off like a chump and gently departed the track backwards. Marshalls didn't seem to care so I quickly rejoined the procession and spent the next hour berating myself for being such a massive twat. [As an aside, it does seem that sport mode more or less turns the traction control completely off?]
  5. I generally have that same philosophy for cheap track days with bikes - way more intense than a car, and you barely go through brakes, tyres or fuel compared.
  6. Just posted some in the track thread but thought it was worth dropping one of these from Snetterton last week in here. You'll be glad to know the Evora made light work of that TT
  7. Finally got the photos through from Snetterton last week. Had a blast in the car - it's just so well balanced. First car I've ever had on track where the brakes didn't cook and the tyres could keep taking the punishment. Felt like it could have handled some more power, but then that's probably because I'm used to razzing round there on a bike You may notice my passenger in some of these pics - was her first time on track, perhaps it shows?!
  8. The PO of my car spent £3600 getting the clutch changed on my car in 2019, and that was with PJ Lotus at £60/hour labour! Agreed it's an overhyped issue though and many cars will go to 70k or more on original clutch with no problems.
  9. Also no mention of a new clutch either, and at a mileage when it wouldn't be a surprise if you needed one soon. But I'd say it's more or less where the market is at right now for a nice car. Change hands at £28k and both parties should be happy.
  10. I spotted the wheel caps had come off both fronts as I was cleaning the car the night before. I can only assume it was a thorough lapping of Snetterton the week before which did it! Remains to be seen whether they have the time to photoshop one back in again
  11. Agree - great day. Ian from Absolute Lotus was a machine, never seen someone work so fast in the face of impending weather hitting! Article will be 8 pages or so, out in the next issue. Excited to see it!
  12. I would probably spend the £2k on the lower mileage, newer car which isn't press fleet - but you'd want to see both in the flesh before making any decisions.
  13. I've got a track day in the Evora tomorrow at Snetterton but the thread in my towing eye receptor has rusted out so the towing eye won't hold. If I need recovery - any tips about where the straps should be wrapped around the underside of the car? If anywhere?!
  14. In the current market, absolutely. Would be nice to have a mention of service history.
  15. Was at Donington yesterday on the new bike - it’s quite something!
  16. Robin do you know what the focus of the article is? Is it a ‘vs’ or is it a progression and comparison type thing?
  17. Personally with that mileage, spec, mods and history that car is worth £31k all day long, and will continue to be for the coming years. With so few Evoras around good ones are always going to get snapped up quick and command a premium. Market seems to price an S at £3k ish over an NA at the moment, can understand why more isn't always better (and higher running costs, fuel, tyres, tax etc) but having set out looking for an NA and ending up with an S I'm very happy with my choice and feel that premium is worth it. Nice, manual S's in a good colour combo are rare as hens teeth too.
  18. Lovely car that, great spec and lovely mods. Snap it up!
  19. I have an Evora S - happy to contribute, date dependent. Am based NW London.
  20. Lol, the cars live on a quiet side road - I haven't been keyed in London since my Mini got keyed about 15 years ago, in a ropier area too. Looks are (obviously) subjective - there are times when I look at the two cars and have exactly the same opinion you just expressed. The Lotus is mini-supercar, the Porsche grown up Beetle. And other times I think the Lotus looks fussy and the Porsche just looks cleaner and classier. Girls seem to think the Porsche looks better, FWIW 🤣
  21. Funny you should ask... Very interesting comparing the two cars, as a 40 Jahre will cost you just about the same as a nice Evora S. Design language very different between the two - Lotus definitely more aggressive, Porsche more classical / elegant. Performance wise in absolute terms they're much of a muchness, both 345hp, Porsche a bit lighter but Lotus has more torque. the Porsche being naturally aspirated comes on song at high revs, Lotus has more shove at lower rpms but then doesn't progress so much up the rev range. Porsche a bit slipperier so has higher top speed of 180mph. In terms of space, practicality, economy the Porsche wins easily. In terms of sheer outright driving dynamics the Lotus wins easily. On a twisty bumpy B-road I think I'd leave the Porsche behind pretty quickly. And amazingly, the ride is much better despite 19/20inch wheels vs 18 inch wheels, the Lotus can deal with speed bumps much better than the Porsche. Important in London. As an ownership proposition - the 40 Jahre is now appreciating. Evora prices stable, may appreciate in a few years. 996 engines have a bad rep, have to be a bit wary of borescore at higher miles. For once, who'd have thought the Lotus would be bombproof when it comes to engine reliability? 🤣 But the Porsche doesn't have the silly stuff going wrong like the Lotus does, air con works, window motors don't fail at a cost of £700 etc.
  22. Well I've got a 996 and an Evora - as an owner of both I can see why journalists comment the way they do on the two brands. The Porsche is 7 years older and 30k miles further down the road than my Evora (which is a decent example) but it still looks and feels 'newer'. There is a precision to every part of the engineering on a Porsche which isn't perhaps shared by Lotus - where that precision engineering tends to only extend to the chassis dynamics, which admittedly knock the Porsche into a cocked hat. And it's not just about compromises being made for lightness - the 996 (40 Jahre) has exactly the same power output as the Lotus and manages to weigh 75kg less. Anyway, love them both, in different ways
  23. Possible engine issues too at that price? +1 on the serious Cat D if it was only a year old. Is it really straight underneath etc?
  24. Was wondering which of the cars on the market yours was! Nice low mileage - but some mention of the service history might help a bit. You got it listed anywhere else?
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