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  1. Not sure where you’re based but Bell and Colvill in Guildford knew exactly where to look to track down my footwell leak.
  2. I’ve had a leak into the passenger footwell and it was something to do with the heater matrix.
  3. So did this problem get solved in the end?
  4. Out of interest - why do you want to go down in size?
  5. Lovely car! Has yours got the long ratio gearbox? Would explain that extraordinary mpg!
  6. He's just ordered an Emira! What more do you need?! It's not like he didn't use the Esprit - took it down to the alps and all over. Fair on him.
  7. Absolute bargain. Had it been RHD I think it would have fetched a lot more.
  8. Epic work!! If it was me, I'd just order the new radiator and fuel tanks and be done with it - not worth going to the effort of trying to refurb and then find you still have a problem. Only issue is that this approach taken over the whole car will cost a fortune!
  9. What era 911 is it? I've got a 2004 40 Jahre and very interesting comparison with my Evora S. Both have 345bhp behind the driver and both 2+2 but they drive very differently. Evora far more compliant, amazing fluid ride. Steering far more communicative, brakes have better feel and stopping power, engine has more torque and low down shove. Down a bumpy country road the Evora would leave the 911 for dead, round a track it might not be so clear cut as the M030 sports suspension firmness wouldn't be such a problem. The 911 is better built, wears its age and mileage better. More practical, easier as a daily. Flat six with PSE sounds better than Toyota V6 (although 2bular system would level it up). But Evora feels more special - and as good as the 911 is to drive, the Evora is better - and faster in the real world. Hope that helps!
  10. Already sold at 47k, and not even a 3 pack car! Mileage this low is v rare though.
  11. You know the section I mean? Look for a break in the bushes on the left just after the left joining slip road. That’s where they hide.
  12. At least there's enough photos in the ad for you to be able to tell it's a bit tired. Normally you only find that out when you get there in person!
  13. Was 1mph too fast BOTH times to quality for a speed awareness course. Each it time was a copper with a radar gun, on two different sections of under-speed limited, empty road. First was the M11 - A120 junction, where the speed limit goes from 70 - 50 - 70 in 400 yards for no apparent reason. Yes, he's obviously waiting to catch those caught out by the 50 section. Second time was a straight, empty, dual carriageway with no junctions on or off and crash barriers both sides. For some reason the speed limit is 30 (60 would be safe and fine). Everyone normally does 50. I got pulled over for my speed having crept up to 42. I mean, I wouldn't mind if I was wantonly reckless or dangerous, but both of these were cynical cash collecting ploys rather than any attempt to make dangerous sections of roads safer. Hey ho!
  14. Well the 6 points I've got as two SP30s in the last 12 months have hiked my premiums up, and I'm no different a driver than I was the 25 years clean prior!
  15. £550ish for 2011S. In London. Limited mileage. What's pricey for you?
  16. Agree, I know the chinese whispers effect and one does have to be careful of it. I know of this series of events personally, and some other customer service with another (attempted) buyer that would make me wary of doing business. I wouldn't write this on a public forum without good reason. However it does sound like this GT3 speaks for itself so if a decent price could be agreed then that might be enough for a happy buyer. 👍
  17. It wasn't really posted about online, but he sold a car (for a top price) on which the clutch failed after 30 miles. The buyer was on the other side of the country (and car was recovered to there). There was an offer to get the car back to Chelmsford but the buyer wasn't prepared to spend the money to do that. Thereafter Stocks ignored the buyer's messages. These are the facts as I understand them. If this Lotus can be vouched for outside of that context then perhaps that takes some of the risk out of the equation.
  18. He’s sold DeLoreans too and the general feedback isn’t particularly hot in that community I’m afraid.
  19. She really gets it, doesn’t she?!
  20. That Silverstone car is a good one - congrats! Make sure they’ve properly stuck the interior door pulls back on though when you take collection - when I saw the car they were off and lying round inside. They do have a tendency to come a bit loose over time.
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