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  1. It wasn't really posted about online, but he sold a car (for a top price) on which the clutch failed after 30 miles. The buyer was on the other side of the country (and car was recovered to there). There was an offer to get the car back to Chelmsford but the buyer wasn't prepared to spend the money to do that. Thereafter Stocks ignored the buyer's messages. These are the facts as I understand them. If this Lotus can be vouched for outside of that context then perhaps that takes some of the risk out of the equation.
  2. He’s sold DeLoreans too and the general feedback isn’t particularly hot in that community I’m afraid.
  3. She really gets it, doesn’t she?!
  4. That Silverstone car is a good one - congrats! Make sure they’ve properly stuck the interior door pulls back on though when you take collection - when I saw the car they were off and lying round inside. They do have a tendency to come a bit loose over time.
  5. Congrats on the purchase - looked like an absolutely lovely example! Given you were asking about the reasons why that car was worth the money (which is absolutely was) can I ask what your reasons were for plumping for that one over a 400, or an earlier S1?
  6. Just spotted pair of V6 Emira mules spotted heading out to Spain for track testing - Hethel too cold and slippy this time of year apparently. Amazing that the Lotus budget stretches to flexiplus on the eurotunnel crossing - Geely has clearly made a difference there! One other observation - the bulkhead has been moved forward in the Emira but the V6 engine isn’t mounted any further forward - apparently it’s to create space for the i4 engine, which will be more mid mounted than the V6 it seems, which now has a load of empty space in front of the engine.
  7. On the brief topic of speeding, watch out this week as its a speed enforcement/awareness week in the UK and the radar guns are out everywhere. I got pulled over on Monday, they're choosing all the easiest spots to catch people where speed limits are randomly or inappropriately low - not the ones where safety is important, in built up areas or near schools etc 🙄
  8. I think I helped myself to the seats out of that car!! Did wonder what happened to it to deserve breaking...
  9. I know he was in it for quite a lot, but £75k is quite punchy! Maybe he’s just trying to make the Emira purchase cost neutral?!
  10. I’ve loaned cars to members of my family for a few months at a time - has always been ok but they’ve not been Evora level value
  11. I'm saying what everyone else has done, but a test drive will resolve the 'want' question pretty quickly - one way or the other. As a 911 owner, I had a go in a GT410 Sport last year and within 100 yards of leaving the dealer I knew the car was insanely good to drive. 5 minutes down the road and I knew it was the best driver's car I'd ever driven. A couple of weeks later I had an Evora S to add to the 996 40 Jahre. Sure, the Porsche is very good, and FEELS very well engineered/screwed together. But I've had no shortage of bills on it and the 996/997.1 generation engine has a reputation that scares small children as well as adults. Now I've had plenty of time to compare the Lotus and the Porsche, I can see why some prefer a 911 (it is more practical, and the flat six has real soul) but there's no question the Lotus is a far better car to drive. Ride/handling/steering all in another league. Have only had silly stuff to sort on it since (aircon, mudguard brackets, window motor etc) but the car has felt absolutely bulletproof mechanically.
  12. Well the ethanol isn't your problem - it's using normal unleaded that's creating the hesitation So if you're OK with it crack on, it won't hurt the engine (as long as you don't notice any pinking- a tinkling sound at low revs in high gears). Or just do what the rest of us do and pay the govt some more tax because the manual/handbook tells us to. 🤣
  13. I suspect the running issues you've noticed are more likely due to the ECU retarding timing due to the lower octane rather than anything specific about the ethanol content.
  14. Private - probably mid 60s, depending on colour/options/desirability. You'd be competing with these from Lotus dealers, year older but fewer miles: New&onesearchad=Used&model=Evora&advertising-location=at_cars&page=2
  15. 400s are changing hands at this price. Look at how much 911s of similar year and mileage are going for at the moment, and that's a fairer comparison rather than older Evoras. Just looked up that collecting cars 400 - looks like someone snapped up a bargain. Auctions can do that sometimes. That most definitely wasn't the going rate for them at the time - they've not gone up that much!
  16. Don't Evoras want you to run on premium (so non 95 and hence not E10) or have I got the wrong idea from somewhere?
  17. On my bikes I use a Dual XGPS160 and then pair that to the Track Addict app on iPhone. Results are great.
  18. Looks like an incredible project. Best of luck with it and look forward to updates!
  19. Sorry, didn't read your post properly! Yes - I saw that one at the time and it had the little union jack on the front wing so I'm pretty sure it was
  20. Think it's a 400, looks like it's got the Sport 410 seats to?
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